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Coach in Training: Our First Class

By: Kim Green

Although we will have 2 calls a week from now until sometime in February of 2017, for the first week, there was only one call. The call was yesterday and I can already feel my heart and mind churning. “Excitement“ was the buzzword. Everyone who had an opportunity to speak started with how excited they were. I already said that in my first blog entry so I didn’t chime in. I just sat quietly trying to manage the excitement and anxiety that I felt, wanting so badly to get my claws into this satisfying career that I envision.

When listening to others talk about themselves, I was struck by the instant judgments that wanted to creep into my mind, but couldn’t get in. There were people from all over the country and Canada. There was another Kim in the class and someone from Arizona. I also lived in Arizona and am thinking about moving back there, someday. There were so many places where our lives have converged already.

As I listened to the two people who were able to introduce themselves, I saw how true it is that judgment is never necessary. It is never kind. As I listened, the journalist in me wanted to form opinions, speculate, get more details, more whys and hows? But, time was running out and although the teacher didn’t want to silence anyone, it was clear that asking 12 people to introduce themselves is a dangerous invitation for everyone to explain themselves, instead. We all have a deep need to tell of our pain and misfortune, even if we only have 5 minutes. I understand that. I do it, too.

My favorite new word that I learned on the call is: archaeology. I love the use of the word to instruct us all as coaches that we (and our clients) should no longer be digging in the past trying to find the answers. The answers are already in all of us and the best answers are always in the future!


Of course, I already know that. As a graduate of the Landmark Forum curriculum and a self-proclaimed speaker of “truth,” it’s this new word: archaeology that caused an old idea to come over me in a new way. Suddenly, I realized that I too practice archaeology at an alarming rate. I realize that usually when it is my time to introduce myself to a new group, I can’t help but mention the two things from my past that I thought gave me some kind of pass to be a certain way, invite certain empathy, make people feel for me. But yesterday, I realized that I do not want to be an archaeologist anymore. It will not serve my clients and so far, in many ways, I see that it hasn’t served me in the ways that I hoped. Wow. One call.

On to next week. Lots to read and prepare so I feel strong and ready for what is about to happen to me: I will throw my shovels and trowels away for good. My future awaits…

p.s. Already this morning, my teacher, Lynn Meinke has sent some more information. Excited.

Kim Green is a writer and a student at The Institute for Life Coach Training. In this blog series, she has documented her experience as she goes through the Foundational training. To read about Kim's journey, click here.