Coaching Beyond Trauma


Research reports that 70% of people have had at least one episode of trauma by age 18. Even though it is so common, many coaches seem apprehensive about working with clients around this ubiquitous topic. Part of their hesitancy is that they are not clear about the line between psychotherapy and coaching. In fact, they are right! Where is that line? ( One hint: we are not coaching the trauma; we are coaching beyond the trauma.)

This class will explore this and other related issues. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define trauma and some categories of trauma
  2. Experience taking the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) assessment to more clearly understand some of the signs and symptoms of trauma.
  3. Learn about the VST (Victim-Survivor-Thriver) Model
  4. Clearly discern the boundaries between psychotherapy and coaching when working with clients with a history of trauma and/or abuse
  5. Review how the ICF Core Competencies support “Coaching Beyond Trauma”
  6. Learn some coaching questions, statements, tools and techniques that support a trauma survivor in creating a healthy future

Completing this course will enhance your understanding and recognition of trauma in clients and build your confidence in coaching them to build a healthy life and future.

Course Prerequisites



The entire course was incredibly valuable. Lynn packed every class with rich content and presented it in a very organized way. She also was open to students expanding the points that were covered.

- K.A.