Starts Class Associated Course  
02/03/2022 SCC020322 Introduction to Coaching Caregivers: Context and Considerations Register
02/08/2022 GC020822 Group Coaching Register
02/14/2022 MEC021422 Mentor Coaching Register
02/15/2022 WI021522 Wellness Inventory Certification Training Register
02/16/2022 WI021622 Wellness Inventory Certification Training Register
02/21/2022 FDN022122 Foundations Register
02/21/2022 CQ022122 Change Your Questions, Change Your Results Register
02/22/2022 CSD022222 Coaching for Christian Faith Development Register
02/23/2022 ATC022322 Advanced Topics Colloquial Register
02/28/2022 FDNC022822 Foundations for Christian Coaches Register
03/01/2022 FDNCA030122 Coach Approach Register
03/01/2022 CTW030122 Change the World Christian Coaching Register
03/02/2022 LBD030222 Life By Design Register
03/03/2022 MCS030322 Client Coachability Register
03/10/2022 CSP031022 Coaching Skills Practicum Register
03/16/2022 PCP031622 Purpose Clarity Program Register
03/23/2022 INX032322 Executive Coaching Register
03/31/2022 AGC033122 Advanced Grief Coaching Register
04/12/2022 CEIQ041222 Coaching Ethics IQ Register
04/12/2022 FDNCA041222 Coach Approach Register
04/19/2022 PR041922 Coaching for Personal Resilience Register
04/28/2022 PQ042822 Powerful Questioning Register
05/03/2022 LC050322 Leadership Coaching Register
05/10/2022 BMT051022 Body-Mind Coaching Tools for Wellness™ Register
05/11/2022 CTS051122 Coaching Through Story Register
05/18/2022 CCU051822 Coaching Clients in Uncertain Times Register
05/23/2022 FDNCA052322 Coach Approach Register