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  • How Conflicts of Interest in Coaching Can Sneak Up and Bite You in the Rear

    This free ethics call will be an open discussion around conflicts of interest in coaching and some of the significant additions to the ICF Code of Ethics in 2019 and why ICF has made them.

  • Advanced Job Search Coaching

    With the rapid advances in technology, the evolution of the “gig economy,” and the seismic shifts occurring post-pandemic, the job search processes—technical and emotional—is more overwhelming than ever. Find out how coaching benefits job—shifters and -seekers and how much...

  • 10 Languages of Leadership

    Join ILCT faculty member, Michelle McEllis, for the fifth call in the Buuilding Your Business series.

    June 24th at 8:00 PM

  • What’s Grief Coaching Got to Do with It!

    Learn how grief coaching can assist you in moving clients forward from any loss to a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

    June 16th at 1:00 PM

  • Business Money Mindset

    Your mindset around money is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your business.

  • Creating With Canva

    In this training, faculty member Michelle McEllis will pull back the digital curtain and show you how you can use Canva to brand, grow and polish your brand and your business.

  • 12 Business Systems Every Coach Needs

    Learn the 12 most important business systems to implement into your coaching business

  • Brand Your Coaching Business

    Branding is the golden thread of your business that connects your presence, your mission and your vision into a message that connects with your ideal client. Your brand impacts how people...

  • Podcasting For Coaching Impact & Profit

    Podcasting is a powerful way for coaches to get their voice and their message out to the world. Not only do you gain visibility and authority, but podcasting is a great way to drive traffic to your website, grow your email list and ultimately increase revenue!

  • A Deeper Dive into the new ICF Code of Ethics & EIS statements

    When revisions and additions to the ICF’s Code of Ethics are made, there’s typically a reason for them.

  • Masterful Mindset

    Mindset is the cornerstone of coaching. Understanding how clients see themselves, the barriers in front of them and power within them, will......

  • Coaching in Crisis: The Coaches Response to Covid-19

    Join us for an virtual session with Dr. Patrick Williams...

  • Moving Your Practice Online: What You Need to Know

    ... ramp up quickly and bring your clients online

  • Identifying Opportunities to Position Your Coaching Business Now

    Join us for a discussion with ILCT Faculty Member Peter Metzner

  • Coaching During a Crisis

    This will be an open discussion and may include topics such as...

  • SOS Resilience In Times of Covid-19

    Suddenly, our world has shifted and life has changed...

  • What are the revisions to the Code of Ethics REALLY all about?

    When revisions and additions to the ICF code of ethics are made, there’s typically a reason for them....

  • Ethical Hot Spots in Executive Coaching

    4 Areas of Ethical Awareness to Fine Tune

    Executive coaching has numerous areas to be aware of due to the dynamics of working inside organizations. We are engaging not only with our coachee, but also with sponsors, stakeholders, managers and possibly others.

  • Change the World Christian Coaching

    A multitude of people in the United States and the World consider themselves to be Christians but do not know how to live the purpose God has for them. In recent polls, 70% of the US population calls themselves Christians but do not live a fulfilled life based on their unique calling. If everyone lived...

  • Ethical Framework for Technology-delivered Coaching

    Please join us for a lively discussion about the ethics of online coaching...

  • Staying Out Of Ethical Hot Water: What Are Your Ethical Blind Spots?

    Ethical blind spots  can lead you into unethical behavior before you are aware...

  • Coaching Clients in Transition: Course Preview

    Every client you work with is in the process of making one or more changes in their personal and professional lives. They may be navigating significant transitions that happened to them or they may be choosing to enhance their life in some way. Change has the potential to completely transform our clients' lives. As a transition coach you have the opportunity to support them in making the most of this time of change.

  • Coaching Presence

    Presence is the heart of coaching!

    Without understanding presence, coaching is merely a technique that lacks inspiration...

  • Caribou Coffee and Confidentiality -  Ethical or Not?

    It’s a common practice for some coaches to meet clients, potential clients and sponsors at coffee shops.  So how do you have these meetings and assure confidentiality?

  • How to Be Direct without Crossing the Line: Course Preview

    Do you find yourself on the thin line of wanting to be direct without crossing the line into being too directive where you may lose clients, customers, direct reports (and fail your coaching exam)?

  • Mindset: Taking Charge of Your Client Lifetime Value

    Join us for this exciting three-call series by marketing expert Terry Pappy.

  • Multiple Relationships as a Coach, Ethical or Not?

    Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water for Coaches looks at “gray areas” of coaching ethics.  This means, you may not find specific ICF ethics code for these gray areas, however a lack of awareness in these gray areas can lead to a breach of black and white ethics code.

  • Mindset: Making the Sales and Marketing Part of Running Your Business Easier

    This is the second call in our three-call series, Calm the Overwhelm: Building the Right Mindset For a Winning Coaching Practice.

  • Mindset: Transitioning from Coaching Student to Business Owner

    This is the first call in our three-call series, Calm the Overwhelm: Building the Right Mindset For a Winning Coaching Practice.

  • Client Coachability

    Join ILCT faculty member, Jeanne Erikson, to learn about this exciting new course, which pulls back the veil on the “art” of coaching. Coaches will learn how to match the many coaching strategies they may have learned with each specific client's needs.

  • The 7-Layer Cake Model of Building a Full and Fulfilling Coaching Practice!

    There's so much to consider when building a coaching practice.

  • Coaching Techniques and Practices: A Polishing Course

    Are you preparing to take the PCC or ACC Exam? Took coaching courses a while ago and feel a bit rusty? Renewing your ICF credential? Want to continue to enhance your mastery of coaching skills?

  • Discover Your Relationship

    Part 3 of 3

    In this final call, we'll talk about how you can use your existing network to grow your coaching business.

  • Discover Your Client

    Part 2 of 3

    Develop a profile of your ideal client. This conversation will provide insight into the creative exploration of not only who you want to serve, but what their biggest pain points are and what their world is like.

  • Coaching Professionalism and Standards: An area of Ethical Complaints

    Coaching professionalism is paramount to our profession.  As coaches we “walk our own talk” right?  I know most of us work hard to be highly professional and operate with high standards.  However an unconscious “slip of the tongue” could land you in ethical hot water as it relates to this section of code.

  • Discover Your Why

    Part 1 of 3

    Reverse engineer your marketing and lead generation by discovering why you do the work you do.

  • Developing Your Coaching Business

    A lot of students have questions when it comes to turning their coaching passions into actual practices and we’d like to help.

  • The ABC’s of Coach Credentialing

    ACC. BCC. CLC. PCC. What is the credential for you? And do you really need to be credentialed?

  • Incorporating Complementary & Alternative Modalities within Your Coaching Practice

    Wellness isn't just a buzzword, it is a way of life for many people...

  • Are Your Phone Conversations Confidential?

    Best Practices for Coaches

    We will discuss the aspects of phone technology and what coaches need to know to provide secure and confidential services to their clients.

  • How Do Coaches Share Coaching Results Ethically?

    There is a lot being said on the internet about the results attained from working with a coach—and not exactly in an ethical manner.

  • Demystifying Facebook

    Learn the 7 "musts" to unlocking the power of social media.

  • Is Your Email Secure? To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt…

    Confidentiality is a crucial component of any coaching relationship, and now more than ever, so is the use of technology.

  • Executive Coaching with the PeopleMap

    Did you know that you can gain corporate coaching experience while learning at ILCT? Due to the nature of this exclusive training, it is offered to a limited number of students... don't miss your opportunity to learn more! 

  • Building a Coaching Business in Diverse Communities

    Do you find it difficult and challenging to coach within communities of color? That sometimes your credentials aren't getting you into the places where you would like to *really* make a difference?

  • Ethics: Coaching Agreements

    Join ILCT faculty member, Tina Elliot, to discuss important policies, terms and conditions for your coaching agreement.

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.ship-based Marketing - How to Win Clients & Have Fun Doing it!

    Most new coaches dread the idea of having to sell themselves in order to get clients, let alone "networking" in order to meet them.

  • Getting Naked: On Being Emotionally Transparent…

    Ways to uncover your authentic self at Work, Home, in Relationships and Life

  • What is Mastery? Part 2 - Live Coaching Demonstration

    Interested in watching a master coach at work?

  • Creating Wellbeing with Your Clients - Wellness Inventory Certification Training

    Jim Strohecker, CEO of WellPeople, provides a look at the history of the modern wellness movement, wellness coaching, and the Wellness Inventory—a widely used assessment tool based on the work of Dr. Travis.

  • Creating Your First Coaching Product - Write a Book in a Weekend

    I know it sounds fishy - but I did it and I'd like to show you how.

  • Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Coaching Business

    After this call, you'll be ready to use social media to your advantage!

  • What is Mastery? Part 1

    What is Mastery in Coaching?

  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

    The aim of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching or CBC as it is known, is to develop ways of thinking and associated behaviours that are more productive and likely to assist an individual reach their desired goals in life.

  • Creating Your First Community-Based Coaching Program

    Creating your first coaching program can seem daunting IF...

  • Coaching Youths: Update

    Join Pat Williams and Christa Colletti to hear about innovative ways of offering coaching to youths. The “Road to Success” youth program has been in operation since September 2012 with great success.

  • Up and Up!  Drumming for Personal Inspiration

    Innovations in coaching using music for self-care and burnout

  • Body-Mind Awareness

    Join Dr. Lauree Moss and Ellen Neiley Ritter to learn more about somatic coaching and ILCT's Wellness Coaching certification program.

  • Continuing the conversation on the newly updated ICF Ethics Code

    Join ILCT faculty member Tina Elliot to discuss this important issue.

  • News and Updates on the BCC Credential

    Are you planning to pursue the Board Certified Coach credential? Are you already a Board Certified Coach?

  • The Points-of-You Method

    Learn state of the art creative communication tools for personal and professional work!

  • Coaching Senior Transitions

    Have you thought about the potential for life enrichment for seniors via coaching? 

  • Presence

    ... an essential Skill for the Coach AND the Client

  • Perspective Shifting

    Growth often occurs as a result of shifting one’s perspectives and therefore, is an important tool in the coaches’ toolbox. 

  • Ways of Engaging Your Clients with Shadow Coaching and Whole Day Visioning Sessions

    In this call you will discover fun and engaging ways to begin work with a new executive or business owner.

  • Power vs. Force

    Pat Williams will present the work of David Hawkins and discuss how you can use this technique yourself and with your clients, with muscle testing for goals, behaviors, challenges, etc.

  • ICF Revised Ethics Code - How did it come to be?

    As the coaching profession’s visibility and exposure increases so does the need to operate ethically and protect ourselves from ethical complaints.

  • The Magic of Metaphors

    Metaphors can be a wonderful tool for working with your client; taking the coaching deeper.

  • 7 “Sins” That Get You Stuck and How To Pull Yourself Out Of The Muck

    The 7 "sins" that most coaches commit that get them stuck in the muck, how to identify them and most of all, how to get out of the muck

  • Coaching Forum: Coaching Demonstration

    Interested in watching a master coach at work? ILCT founder Pat Williams will be coaching one individual during this call and then talking about the dynamics and skills that were observed.

  • Do You Have an Identity Crisis?

    Brand identity, marketing and making a difference

  • Summer Slump: Super Charge Your Social Media

    Techniques for overcoming periods of inactivity and getting things moving again

  • Your Shadow: Don’t Leave Home Without It

    Impact your coaching and your own life by bringing light to the shadow—the place where both undesired memories and feelings reside

  • Supervision (aka Peer Consultation): What role can it play in your coaching practice?

    This call provides a unique opportunity to listen to examples of actual coaching supervision/consult with participants being asked to bring in client cases that they may be struggling with, to receive input from one of the leaders in coaching, Dr. Patrick Williams, ILCT’s Director of Training.

  • Relationship Marketing - When And How to Propose to Your Prospect

    Whether you're new to coaching or have been around for awhile, every coach needs paying clients in order to succeed in business. If you're having trouble getting people to accept your invitation to a Complimentary Coaching Session or hiring you afterwards, join Dr. Jim Vuocolo, Master Certified Coach and ILCT Director of Business Development on a free call to discuss when and how to propose coaching to your prospects for maximum success! 

  • When You Selected the “Wrong” Client

    You have chosen the wrong client – now what?

    A discussion on how to ethically manage a client relationship that is challenging or the wrong fit for you as a coach.

    Join ILCT faculty member Tina Elliot as she discusses how to ethically close out a coaching engagement.

  • Using Images Effectively

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media as she discusses the ins and outs of using images in your online presence. Points covered will include:

    • Importance of using images
    • Finding Legal Images
    • Saving Images for best SEO (show URLs)
    • Trick for making the most of memes
    • Easy photo editing

  • Coaching Forum: April 2015

    Join Pat Williams as he discusses with Bill O'Hanlon: How to Write a Book in Record Time in the Midst of Your Busy Life for More Clients, More Income and More Impact

    Bill O’Hanlon was trained as a psychotherapist, practiced for over 30 years, but now mostly writes books (he has written and published over 30 of them), does workshops (he has give over 3,000 presentations is over 40 countries around the world and in every State in the U.S.), and does online courses.

  • For Bloggers: Giving Writer’s Block the Boot

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media as she discusses overcoming the hurdle of writer's block. Points covered will include:

    • Conquering fear
    • Practical exercises
    • Limit Yourself / Don’t Limit
    • People love a good story

  • What’s the most important element of Money Coaching?

    The coaching part, of course!

    Coaches often don't feel comfortable working in the area of their client's money lives. This is unfortunate since no other profession possess the powerful tools that coaches routinely employ to help their clients create lasting change. 

    Read more here!

  • Practical Tips You Can Use Right Now for Finding Keyword Rich Blog Topics

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media as she discusses the ins and outs of finding keyword-rich topics for your blog. Points covered will include: 

    • Make a list of keywords
    • Basic Google search: Relevance of results
    • Keyword tools: Use ‘em for free to uncover gold
    • The Curse of Knowledge: Expand Beyond What You Know 

    Companion document for this call: Finding Keyword Rich Blog Topics

  • Coaching Forum, February 2015: Interview with Laura Berman Fortgang

    Join Pat Williams as he interviews Laura Berman Fortgang, a pioneer in the life coaching field about her life, career, and book, Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction.

    Laura Berman Fortgang is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the personal coaching field and is the author of five business and personal self-help books including the national best-seller “Take Yourself to the Top”. Her two latest books, “The Prosperity Plan” and “The Little Book On Meaning” have garnered national awards. 

  • Coaching Forum, January 2015: Do we, or don’t we, offer advice as coaches?

    The Coaching industry, my books, and the teachings of ILCT have been emphasizing for 20 years now that coaches avoid advising their clients. The key term of this teaching needs to be looked at honestly.

    And what really goes on behind closed doors of coaches? I suspect many coaches give much more advice than they think they do. As you get mentoring and become a more reflective learner of your coaching, you will honor the code of eschewing the style of advice that include telling and directing, but will gracefully offer thoughts, resources, and your own experience or knowledge to the coaching relationship for expanding the client’s awareness and choice. After all, isn’t that the end goal? (excerpted from Pat Williams' article Do we or don’t we offer advice as coaches?)

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 7: LinkedIn

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media as she explains how to harness the power of LinkedIn to build your coaching practice.

  • How to Pitch to Magazines as a Go-To Source

    Let’s make you the one media outlets call when they’re looking for an expert. We’ll talk about how to develop relationships with editors and writers and how to find and respond to leads. Also covered: How to draft a focused press release.

    Gay Norton Edelman is a writing coach, editor and author with over three decades experience in publishing. Her work has appeared in Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Faith & Spirit, Guideposts, Beliefnet,, Spirituality & Health and others. Her book The Hungry Ghost: How I Ditched 100 Pounds and Came Fully Alive was published in February, 2014. Learn more about her work at

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 6: Blogging

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pidgeon Media as she discusses blogging as a tool to build your coaching practice.

    I. Quick blog overview
    II. Starting from scratch
       a. Blog without a website?
       b. Defining your blog
    III. Generating Post Ideas
    IV. Proper use of images
    V. Dealing with comments
    VI. Getting the word out about your blog

    Companion document for this call: Blogging

  • Using the PeopleMap in Coaching

    In this call, ILCT faculty member, Lynn Meinke, hosts a panel discussion to hear why many of our faculty members are passionate about using the PeopleMap assessment in their coaching practice. Joining Lynn are Mike Lillibridge, developer of the PeopleMap, and Fred Meinke - a great time to learn from seasoned coaches.

  • Leveraging the Holiday Season to Market your Coaching Business

    Join Katie Karppala to explore the power of your network, creating influence, and promoting your business through the holiday season. The call will explore basic principles around this subject, and then open up for a creative brainstorming session.

    Katie Karppala, BCC, an ILCT student, is the founder of Authentic Dimensions Consulting, LLC, specializing in executive, life and wellness coaching, as well as teaching at Emory Continuing Education and Emory Corporate Learning.

  • How to Pitch to Magazines as a Writer

    Now’s a great time to establish yourself as a freelance content-provider. You’ll learn how to figure out what print and digital magazines want, how to match your area of expertise with possible markets and how to structure a compelling story pitch.

    Gay Norton Edelman is a writing coach, editor and author with over three decades experience in publishing. Her work has appeared in Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Faith & Spirit, Guideposts, Beliefnet,, Spirituality & Health and others. Her book The Hungry Ghost: How I Ditched 100 Pounds and Came Fully Alive was published in February, 2014. Learn more about her work at

    As a special offer to ILCT students and staff, Gay is offering her ebook How to Pitch to Magazines for half-price, $20. It includes templates, worksheets, links to sources of good stats, Do’s and Dont’s, and more. Go to, click on “How-to Books” in the menu bar and you’ll see the ILCT offer there. 

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 5: Twitter for Beginners

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media as she discusses how to harness the power of the "Twitterverse" to build your life coaching business.

    I. Quick, basic Twitter overview
    II. Why use Twitter
    III. Creating a powerful bio
    IV. Following and being followed
          a. Hashtags
          b. Followers of Followers and those they follow
          c. Tools to find Followers 

    Click here for the companion document to this call.

  • Coaching Forum, October 2014

    Join Pat Williams as he interviews Dr. Michael Pantalon, addiction and motivation expert, and the newest member of ILCT’s faculty with his Progressive Recovery Coach Training program. Dr. Pantalon is a clinical psychologist, author of the motivation book, Instant Influence, and Senior Research Scientist at the Yale School of Medicine, where he has been developing and studying cutting-edge treatments for alcohol, cocaine, opiate, and tobacco use disorders, as well as, training hundreds of clinicians, coaches and non-professionals in evidence-based addiction treatment and motivational strategies, since 1997.

  • How to Write Outstanding Blogs

    You need and want to blog. But where do ideas come from? What’s the ideal structure and length? Should you have or do guest blogs? How often should you post? Let's get you writing!

    Gay Norton Edelman is a writing coach, editor and author with over three decades experience in publishing. Her work has appeared in Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Faith & Spirit, Guideposts, Beliefnet,, Spirituality & Health and others. Her book The Hungry Ghost: How I Ditched 100 Pounds and Came Fully Alive was published in February, 2014. 

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 4: Getting a Website - Where to Begin

    So, you need a website? Join Tracy Ray, of Pink Pigeon Media, as she discusses this important aspect of your coaching business. Should you do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you? Do you know how to choose a domain name? What is hosting? What are the necessary elements of a website? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

    Companion document for this call: Module Four: Getting a Website

  • Coaching Forum, September 2014

    The job search has changed dramatically in recent years. In this call, Pat Williams will discuss Advanced Job Search Coaching with ILCT faculty members Nancy Branton and Joan Runnheim Olson.

    Find out how coaching benefits job-seekers and how much demand exists for this type of coaching. What are some of the changes we've seen in the ways employers find candidates; and how does that impact job search coaching? What are some of the greatest challenges facing coaches who work with job-seekers; how can coaching address them?

    Click here to see current discounts for this class!

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 3: Facebook for Beginners

    New to marketing on Facebook? Join Tracy Ray, of Pink Pigeon Media to learn more about this big social media platform. Learn about the differences between profiles and pages, and how to create them, build followers, the basics of posting and more.

    Click here for companion document.

  • Coaching Forum, August 2014

    Catherine Morisset is a Coach at heart – in her life and her career, she walks her talk, and it’s made her a popular coach and resource as an organizational coach & facilitator. Her clients say she is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but that what makes it work is her common-sense and authenticity-based approach.

    She has designed and delivered resilience, wellness, leadership and change management programs for large organizations, delivering them in Canada and internationally. She regularly presents at conferences focusing on organizational resilience, wellness and effectiveness.

    We will discuss her work in 25+ years as a coach and trainer and the essence of her upcoming class at ILCT on coaching for resilience.

    Clarification: The listing for the course discussed in the call, Coaching for Resilience: Part 3, has been updated. The class meets 6 times/weeks for a total of 8 hours and has a tuition of $415, which includes materials.

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 2: Using Social Media for your Coaching Business

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media to begin exploring who your target market is and what social media platforms they use (Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn) to determine the best platform for you. Learn about the importance of blogging and online forums, as well as the 1 mistake not to make. 

    Companion document for this call: Using Social Media for Your Life Coaching Business: 101

  • Navigating Social Media to Build Your Practice Part 1: Social Media Overview

    Join Tracy Ray of Pink Pigeon Media for the first of this new series of teleconferences sponsored by ILCT and explore:

    • What is Social Media?
    • Top 7 reasons people turn to the Internet
    • Big Picture: Social Media is like gears in a machine
    • Which Social Networks should you use? (Making sense of it all)
    • 17 Tips to a solid, basic Social Media Strategy

    Companion document for this call: Social Media Overview

    Tracy Ray is a Social Media Specialist who manages social pages for small businesses. She creates content on their behalf, broadcasts it on social pages and creates content to promote engagement. As a consultant, she guides do-it-yourselfers through the many ways they can improve their social pages and use them to their fullest.

    Tracy lives in Georgia with her family and wirehair Dachshund. She is a photographer harboring a penchant for macro photography, an enthusiastic cook who is secretly addicted to online food porn and loves cheese beyond all reason.

  • Why Coaching Doesn’t Help People… and Other Linguistic Barriers to Coaching Success!

    Join veteran ILCT faculty members Lynn Meinke, PCC and Dr. Jim Vuocolo, MCC for a discussion of how the language we employ serves to advance, or inhibit, the growth and understanding of coaching clients.