• Coaching Clients in Transition: Course Preview
February 2019

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Every client you work with is in the process of making one or more changes in their personal and professional lives. They may be navigating significant transitions that happened to them or they may be choosing to enhance their life in some way. Change has the potential to completely transform our clients' lives. As a transition coach you have the opportunity to support them in making the most of this time of change. 

Change is a part of life. We all know that personally and professionally. 

And yet there's no User's Guide to Life Changes when our clients need guidance.

When clients are faced with significant changes in their lives they often have a fight, flight, freeze, or avoid response. Even if they don't have the support they need in the moment, they will likely muddle their way through, the best they can. They'll make it to the other side and they may gain insights and develop transition skills along the way, but it's also likely they'll be swept into time-consuming, energy-draining detours, delays, and dead ends along their journey.

How might their experiences and outcomes be different if they had you by their side? 

By tapping into the natural model of transition discussed in this call, you'll begin to see how you can support your clients in transforming a transition process that is full of unknowns into a more understandable journey. They'll gain a sense of where they've been, where they are, and where they are going. With this information they'll have profound insights and experiences that deepen their trust in themselves, in the transition journey, and in you. It's likely no one else is honoring them for what they feel deep within. 

Stepping into navigating change consciously helps your clients build transition skills and inner resilience. The next time life shifts they will be better equipped to find their way forward.  

During this call you'll be introduced to:  

• The range of transitions clients can face from personal and familial to large-scale changes that impact us all.

• Three ways clients may approach their transitions and how their choices can impact their journey

• How nature's response to the change of seasons provides guidance, inspiration, and hope to clients in transition

• How the Seasons of Change model gives you and your clients:

· A map with milestones to highlight key turning points in the their transition journey

· A deep, meaningful framework for questions, skill-building opportunities, and experiential activities you can use in sessions, workshops, and retreats

· A rich collection of easily accessible metaphors that inform, guide, and inspire clients 

· A collection of cultural messages and myths that often take clients off course, sending them into delays, detours, and deadends. 

By nurturing a relationship with this natural model of transition you'll be more attuned to how clients can move through emotionally intense times, avoiding difficult detours and delays, reconnecting with their joy and their own personal style, and using their transitions to create more of what they want in their lives.   


Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, an award-winning author and Board Certified Coach, has been fascinated by how our culture navigates personal, professional, and large-scale transitions since the beginning of her career. She relies on her intuition, observation skills, and experience to notice and articulate emerging trends about change and how those trends impact our lives.

Carol created the Seasons of Change model of transition after navigating a series of significant transitions in her personal and professional life. This nature-inspired model has provided the central theme of her work ever since. She's shared this work with others in transition through speaking, workshops, one-on-one client work, retreats, articles, and her book, The Seasons of Change: Using Nature's Wisdom to Navigate Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs. An ILCT Faculty Member, Carol has been training other professionals to incorporate the Seasons of Change into their work with clients in transition since 2004. 

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