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  • Change Your Questions, Change Your Results

    Join Pat Williams as he interviews Marilee Adams, Ph.D. as she discusses her Question Thinking methods and the tools and methods coaches can implement to move from Judger Mindset to the Learner Mindset and how that move can change our lives and those of our clients. Marilee Adams, Ph.D. is president of the...

  • Client Screening for Success Coaching

    How do you know if your client is ready for coaching? Or what kind of coaching? ILCT instructor Jeanne Erikson will address the professional issues surrounding this important issue.

  • Coaching During a Crisis

    Join this gathering for coaches to share experiences, techniques and ideas as we each encounter COVID-19 with our clients and ourselves. Facilitated by ILCT Senior Faculty member Lynn Meinke, PCC. This will be an open discussion and may include topics such as: • Self-Care for Coach and Client • Support vs. Achieving an...

  • Coaching Forum, February 2014

    Join Pat for an update on the coach training program which ILCT has been conducting within a federal prison and how it has made a strong positive difference.

  • Coaching Forum, February 2015: Interview with Laura Berman Fortgang

    Join Pat Williams as he interviews Laura Berman Fortgang, a pioneer in the life coaching field about her life, career, and book, Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction. Laura Berman Fortgang is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the personal coaching field and is the author of five business and...

  • Coaching Forum, January 2014

    Join Pat Williams for an interview with Patricia Cates from the Center for Credentialing and Education about news and updates about the BCC coach credentialing.

  • Coaching Forum, November 2013

    Pat Williams and Mairlyn O'Hearne share take-aways and the salient points from the ICF special event from October on cultural competency and diversity awareness.

  • Coaching Forum, October 2013

    Coaching Demonstration Join ILCT Founder and Master Coach Dr. Patrick Williams as he does a coaching demonstration with one of the attendees and then leads a discussion on techniques used and their impact.

  • CPH & Associates - January 20, 2011

    Learn more about the Board Certified Coaching Certificate now available from ILCT in this discussion with Pat Williams and Sara Oberg.

  • Credentialing in Coaching

    There is often confusion when it comes to certifications and credentials in the coaching profession and whether you even need them. Join Ellen Ritter, Dean at ILCT, as she reviews the different options, requirements, and answers questions you may have. Date: Friday, October 09, 2015 Time: 12:00 PM Eastern REGISTER

  • Identifying Opportunities to Position Your Coaching Business Now

    Join us for a discussion with ILCT Faculty Member Peter Metzner Finding the “silver lining” in this cloud. Noted Psychologist Richard Wiseman found that "Lucky" people have the uncanny ability to make lemonade out of lemons. Aesculapius, the Greco-Roman god of medicine, decreed that "it is through suffering that we are brought to...

  • ILCT Specialist Certification Programs

    Join Ellen Neiley Ritter and Nancy Branton to learn more about certification programs offered bu ILCT, including the new Career Development Coaching Specialist certification. Click here for an explanatory table of available certification paths. Click here form more information on ILCT's new Career Development Specialist certification.

  • News and Updates on the BCC Credential

    Are you planning to pursue the Board Certified Coach credential? Are you already a Board Certified Coach? Join Pat Williams as he talks with Garry Fisher from the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) as they discuss some exciting new developments for this rapidly growing professional credential in the coaching profession. If you...

  • The ABC’s of Coach Credentialing

    ACC. BCC. CLC. PCC. What is the credential for you? And do you really need to be credentialed? Join ILCT’s Dean of Students, Ellen Neiley Ritter, as she reviews the different coaching credentials available and the requirements to achieve them. This document is referenced during the call and may be helpful.

  • Using the PeopleMap in Coaching

    In this call, ILCT faculty member, Lynn Meinke, hosts a panel discussion to hear why many of our faculty members are passionate about using the PeopleMap assessment in their coaching practice. Joining Lynn are Mike Lillibridge, developer of the PeopleMap, and Fred Meinke - a great time to learn from seasoned coaches.