Coaching for Calling


Aligning Spiritual Gifts & Personality Strengths

This course provides the tools for coaches working with clients who are trying to discern the call of God on their lives, who wish to explore what brings meaning and satisfaction in their lives and in service of others. Students will learn to help clients examine their unique God given design as well as life experiences, which serve as clues to calling.

As part of this class, students will learn how to use two assessments that will allow them to first explore their own strengths and gifting’s and how to use them to enhance their work with clients.

These assessments focus on two aspects of human beings, the mind and the Spirit.

Utilizing The PeopleMap Systems Personality assessment students will learn how their in-born strengths show up in all their communications. The lesser strengths or Achilles heels will also be examined and strategies to transform these areas into learned skills will be taught and applied.

Strategies for managing their strengths and Achilles heels will give students an additional coaching tool when working with clients who need a clearer vision of who they are and who God made them to be.

Part I Summary:

  1. Learn your unique Strengths and Achilles Heels (lesser strengths)
  2. Manage Achilles Heels- for more impactful Coaching conversations
  3. Find the intersection of Strengths with ones Calling
  4. Align Strengths with Coaching Style & ICF Core Competencies

Part II Summary

By using an assessment, students will explore their unique spiritual gifts, how those intersect with their in-born strengths, and how these impact their calling. Students will learn to assess the gifts and help coaches define these gifts in the current culture. The assessment, along with coaching demonstrations, will teach students how to incorporate a content rich biblical perspective in their work with clients.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Utilizing The PeopleMap Systems assessment students will learn how their strengths show up in their communication style, how to manage their strengths and weaknesses in the coach-client relationship
    2. Determining and clarifying their life purpose statements, students will clarify the intersection of their Strengths and Calling.
    3. Student will determine their spiritual gifts, their power and purpose and how these align with their career and life purpose.
    4. Student will be able to articulate and demonstrate through coaching demonstrations the personality strengths of a coaching client.
    5. Finally, students will apply and evaluate their own competency of the information with coaching demonstrations

    Preclass work may include one or more of the following:

    • Completing assessments,
    • Short writing assignments around assessments
    • reading assignments, including Articles, Scripture, research assignment
    • weekly reflection form


    This course is offered once a year.

    Required Books:

    The price listed on this page is $535, which includes tuition ($500) plus the cost for the online assessment ($35). You will be prompted to add the costs for the assessment to your cart during the registration process or will be sent a link before the class begins.

    Course Prerequisites

    20 hours of prior Coach training or enrollment in Foundations class


    I loved this class Mary radiated commitment, intelligence, and empathy. Not to mention resilience and grace in the face of a massive family challenge. I would take a class from her whenever possible. Her wisdom and experience is something to aspire to.

    - M. M.

    After having taken other spiritual/faith based courses with ILCT and Professional Christian Coaching Institute, I will say that Mary’s class was the most impactful. . . She also has a way of offering her feedback that makes one say, “Wow, I never considered that, or what if I consider this, or that’s a brilliant concept that I might want to apply in my coaching.”

    - G. B.