Seasons of Change


Clients navigating significant transitions often reach out for coaching support when their attempts to muddle their way through aren't successful.

Through our work as coaches, we help clients find their way through emotionally intense times, avoiding difficult detours and delays, reconnecting with their joy, and using the changes in their lives to create more of what they want. Using a conscious approach to navigating change builds greater insights, deeper transition skills, and more resilience for both the coach and clients.

Natural Model of Change

Many transition models are very conceptual. Clients grasp the concepts mentally, but they aren't able to integrate the ideas into their lives. Though the concepts provide useful frameworks, they don't touch clients at a deep, soulful place. As a result these models don't become an integral part of your clients' approach to life.

The Seasons of Change, a rich, multi-faceted nature-inspired metaphor, provides you and your clients with a natural way to navigate life's inevitable ups and downs.

Why turn to nature for guidance? Nature's wide range of responses to the ever-changing seasons provides a rich foundation of knowledge, inspiration, hope, and direction to those in transition. Practical actions and visually memorable nature metaphors associated with each season are simple, powerful tools that give clients constant support and guidance through difficult times.

The Seasons of Change model is useful guide whether your clients have entered their transition by choice or by force of circumstances, whether the transition was anticipated or came as a complete surprise. By using this model in your work, you give your clients hope—helping them envision where they've been, where they are, and where they are going. A process that is full of unknowns becomes a bit more understandable. The next time life shifts they will be better equipped to find their way forward.

Deepen Your Impact with Clients in Transition

Supporting your clients where they are is a profound experience that deepens their trust in themselves, in you, and in the transition journey. It's likely no one else is honoring them for what they feel deep within.

In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Acknowledge the impact of the heightened sense of uncertainty impacting us personally, our clients, and our transition coaching
  • Honor the transition process for all levels of change, from making simple changes (adding a new skill or behavior) to large-scale changes; from changes that have a fairly straightforward step-by-step solution to those that have no known template to follow.
  • Use four Seasonal Arcs to work with your client to identify where they are in their transition journey. With this insight you'll both have more specific information about their best path to reach their next transition milestone. For each arc you'll have a chart to provide you with inspiration for your work with clients:
    • Stories and signs that help you see which arc they are in and what milestone they are moving toward
    • Specific questions you can ask your client during each phase of their journey to spark insights and discoveries
    • Actions to acknowledge and encourage
    • Common detours that may derail clients and how to work with them to find their way forward again
    • Practical, skill-building activities you can incorporate into sessions or offer as homework for your clients
  • Discover how to Change by Choice rather than by reacting to external triggers. When clients learn these skills they will be able to create the life they want with more ease and flow.

Training Outcomes

Nuanced understanding of changes facing your clients
Reference sheets for each seasonal arc with specific questions, practical actions, powerful metaphors, and possible detours
Client intake and early session guides
How to integrate this model into your work, your specialty, and your marketing
Become a Certified Seasons of Change Coach

Required Textbook

Seasons of Change: Using Nature's Wisdom to Grow Through Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs, by Carol L. McClelland, PhD


This course is offered once or twice a year, depending on level of interest.

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Listen to a call with the instructor on coaching Clients in Transition, here.

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Date October 9, 2024 - December 4, 2024

Time 6:00 pm ET - 7:15 pm ET

Day Wednesday

Type Video Conference

Faculty Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC


This course is extremely valuable information to add to any life coaching program. I’m a coach who specializes in working with grief, romantic break ups, painful life changes in general, and I also do intuitive guidance coaching. I found this model extremely helpful in assisting my hurting clients in understanding that they are not STUCK in their trying situation — all things evolve and there are signs you can watch for as markers to know the progress you are making. I also found it helpful to be able to guide people out of potential pitfalls and detours to growth and healing. The Seasons of Change is a practical and clear model to give hope and guidance to people in all stages of life’s upheavals.

- Lisa A.

Having just completed the Seasons of Change class I highly recommend this body of work and the class to anyone who serves others in any type of transition. Change is constant - and the Seasons of Change model for change based on the seasons rhythms and signs will add a richness and texture to my clients who don't just want to cope with change they want to thrive and have great careers where they continue to grow. The webinars were all live, led by a clear expert (Carol is brilliant on many levels). The class notes, interactive lectures, highly organized and thoughtful discussions, the homework, and the accompanying book all serve to provide practical and actionable tools for dealing with change and transition. The class participants are all practitioners, so the conversations are engaging. Thank you, Carol — you are not only a genius, but your generous spirit and intuitive nature will have all of us blooming!

- Janet W.

The Seasons of Change course was a wonderful addition to my coaching knowledge and will help me serve my clients through all the Seasons of life they walk through. The Seasons of Change model is easy to understand, and once it is related to real-world case studies it is absolutely easy to see why every coach should experience this class.

- Chelsea A.