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Faculty Updates

Before a recent faculty meeting, a number of our wonderful faculty members shared updates on what they’ve been up to, and we thought you’d be interested.

Laura Cuttica Talice

I run ILCT’s program in Italy and am pleased that we are beginning a new Foundational Course this month as well as a new course for advanced coaches, "Awakening Healing Coaching" next Springtime 2018.

Steve Demaray

Steve Demaray here, aka the Personal Money Coach (PMC). I teach the ILCT Money Coaching course. I’m happy/relieved to say that I’ve finished writing “A Course in Money Clarity” , a 12-week cash management fundamentals course. This has been a year in the works (or 10, depending how you measure it). I also licensed PMC content and software to a New York based credit union in the past year. I’d love to get started on a book next!

Carol McClelland Fields

My colleague, Karin Marcus, and I teach several classes through ILCT. In addition to the teaching, I recently relocated and took on a huge remodel project that involved moving our house out of the flood plain. A huge undertaking that is, thankfully, hear completion!

While managing the remodel project, I also went through a redevelopment process to update my own coaching work around helping Change Catalysts create the clarity they need to take their business in a new direction. I'm excited to be out of my creative hibernation and back in the world again!

Lynn Meinke

I am the current President of ICF Philadelphia area, and also teach a monthly tele class on the Core competencies, which attracts people from across the US and even Australia!

I continue to do what I love... teaching Foundational and Advanced Courses (Core Competencies Practicum, Advanced Skills Practicum and Advanced Topics). I also teach Group Coaching Methodologies and Dynamics and a new “polishing” course entitled: Coaching Techniques and Practices, a 6-hour course that is a high level review of coaching and includes material from the PCC Markers.

On a personal note: Fred and I are now grandparents to 10 grandchildren ages 13 to 2…AND…awaiting the birth of fraternal twins almost anytime now! I still find it unbelievable to say that!

DeeAnna Merz Nagel

I teach several self-directed courses at ILCT and love my work. My professional world is still sprinkled with my past career interest-telemental health and that influences much of my work. I continue to teach therapists, coaches and healers about telemental health, online coaching and distant healing. I’ve been working with ILCT to update the Ethical Framework for Online Coaching – watch for its release and an informational call later this month.

I am re-committing to two book projects that were placed on hold. The due dates have wooshed by and the publishers are patiently waiting. Coaching Online: A Practical Guide and Complementary and Alternative Methods in Coaching. Putting it out there in this email as part of my commitment to "get 'er done!"

Marilyn O’Hearne

My news: 1st grandchild was due 10/9, hasn't arrived yet. I'm doing Breaking Free from Bias programs based on my book. I am participating in Global Coach Supervision training, which is like a graduate level class, designed to deepen the impact of coaching by going to more of the being level of the coach.

Joan Runnheim Olson

I’m continuing to do work for three outplacement companies providing career coaching to laid off employees. I also continue to develop and deliver webinars and workshops across the country for secondary and postsecondary institutions providing strategies on increasing the number of females in male-dominated career programs and the number of males in female-dominated career programs. I’m also teaching two courses through ILCT: “Advanced Job Search Coaching” and “Coaching Students in Career Exploration & Expanding Awareness of Nontraditional Careers.”

Anita Schamber

I teach in the Christian track, so I have been blessed by returning from a 2.5 week Bibleland cruise which included 3 days in Israel...not enough, but certainly reinforcing my faith.I continue to mentor coach about one coach from each class I have taught for ILCT. I've read articles on Coaching Supervision, so our times reflect that kind of relationship.

I have also introduced coaching into a couple of organizations, one of which has created a pilot initiative of mentor/coaching relationships with a few of us and graduates of their 90 day addiction program.

Susie Strauss

I teach the Foundations and Coach Approach courses, Coaching From the Inside Out, Coaching the Mid Life Journey, Life by Design and the Falling Awake. I recently became a Nana for the first time and have been going back and forth to Houston to visit with Master Harry. I am also a fiber artist and have started taking graduate school classes in Peace, Justice and Human Rights, so doing a lot of reading and writing and shifting of my perspectives and thought processes. I love to travel and will be visiting Antartica in January!

Lisa Joy Tuttle

Coaching folks diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and engaging in research on coaching are two of my passions. I'm excited to share that I'm a co-author of an article assessing peer-reviewed studies examining coaching for children and adolescents with ADHD, recently published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing. A second article, assessing studies examining coaching for college students with ADHD, is in press and soon to appear in the Journal of Post-secondary Education and Disability.

My group coaching program Mindful Self-Management at the University of Pennsylvania is in its fourth year and going strong. Last but not least, I'm excited to be teaching my third session of Helga Matzko's labor-of-love Beyond Recovery™, for ILCT this fall!