Job Search Coaching

Would you like to add Job Search Coaching to your coaching practice? The purpose of this program is to prepare you to coach clients/students to obtain a desired job in their organization of choice.

This program combines the application of job search best practices, ICF core competencies and coaching skills and techniques. You will dig deep into all 11 ICF Core Competencies. Coaching demos and coaching practice opportunities will expand your job search coaching skills.

The following list shows the phases of job search coaching that are covered in the twelve one-hour weekly classes; 

  1. Job Focus Clarification
  2. Brand & Expertise Clarification
  3. Self-Marketing Materials (Resume, Cover Letter, Email Scripts, etc.)
  4. Online Social & Professional Networking
  5. Diversified Job Search & Hidden Job Market
  6. Job Search Management
  7. Job Interviews
  8. Compensation Negotiation & Job Selection

You will come away from the course with a working knowledge of the following: a) Assess job search coaching needs and set up a coaching engagement; b) Establish a Strategic Job Search Plan; b) Coach client to manage stress and possess a positive mindset; c) Coach clients to exude their brand and qualifications in oral and written communications and to enhance their visibility online and offline; d) Prep clients for interviews and to negotiate a compensation package; e) Address special job search challenges; f) Learn best practices for job search coaching; and, g) Know techniques to measure client/student progress.

To move forward in coaching, you will receive a career and job search model, client tools and coaching tools. In addition you will receive a document filled with suggestions on how to launch, package, market and evaluate a job search coaching program.

The price listed on this page includes a materials fee of $35, which will be available for purchase during the registration process. 

Books to Purchase: 

Weekly Peer groups and assignments required.

Finish reading assignments for week 1 of course. Total time to complete is 2-3 hours.

This course is offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites



As a Career Consultant, I found the Advanced Job Search Coaching course an extremely positive experience. Taking this course sharpened and improved my coaching skills, informed me of the latest job search techniques and tools, and most of all gave me a deeper understanding and 1-1 practice on how to apply ICF core competencies to the technical aspects of job search. Great class!
- Kim A.
I highly recommend the Advanced Job Search Coaching course to practitioners who are interested in learning state-of-the-art job search resources while developing their core coaching competencies in this specialty. The course materials are exceptional with immediate, practical application for both coach and client. Job search content and coaching competencies were brought to life through readings, discussion, Joan's excellent demonstrations, and peer practice. Joan is an excellent instructor. She is committed to student development and brought expertise, energy, and excitement to this experience.
- Anne B.
The Advanced Job Search Coaching course was amazing and the experience was wonderful. The course was well organized and the instructor was knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, and present. One of the signs of a good course is the takeaway and we received a wealth of information applicable for coaching.
- Marjorie P.
I just completed Joan's Advanced Job Search Coaching course through the Institute of Life Coaching Training. I've been working as a career coach for several years but still found her class to be extremely helpful in improving my job search coaching skills along with providing me with a wealth of useful resources that I have already started implementing into my work. I think this class is great for both newcomers and for those who are just looking for new approaches and resources to add to their established career coaching practice.
- Satya P.
This was an excellent course! I learned more in this course on how to be a coach than any course I have taken this year.
- R.C.