• 10 Steps Toward a Meaningful Life
April 16, 11:40 am

The pursuit of a meaningful life is an endeavor that presents many challenges. What is meaning? How does one identify intrinsically-meaningful goals? What ignites the motivation that fuels the voyage towards a more meaningful life?

The answers that modern science offers to these questions are sometimes narrow, and not always actionable, but combined into a single action-plan they can form a structured coaching process that becomes a powerful engine of change. Using concepts of Positive Psychology, Self Determination Theory, Self-Concordance Theory, Solution Focused Therapy, and the study of motivation, this process starts with the creation of a multi-dimensional vision, continues through the iteration over possible goals, and ends with the tools that sustain drive and motivation through the challenges of daily goal pursuit.

In this information call, ILCT instructor, research scientist, and entrepreneur Ran Zilca describes how he put together the process of Meaningful Goal Pursuit (MGP) while working closely with scholars like Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, Phil Zimbardo, and Sonja Lyubomirsky. In his own life, MGP has taken Ran on a 6,000 miles solo motorcycle ride, the sale of his company, and a move with his family to the other end of the world.

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