• A Deeper Dive into the new ICF Code of Ethics & EIS statements
April 19, 3:37 am

When revisions and additions to the ICF’s Code of Ethics are made, there’s typically a reason for them.

As some of you may know, ICF has taken a very strong stance in diversity and inclusions as well as a no tolerance policy on systemic equality.

In this conversation, we will be taking a deeper dive into the code updates including systemic equality, managing power or status difference and awareness of our impact on society and what it all means to you as a coach.

We will be looking specifically at 3 brand new sections to the ICF Code and the Ethics Interpretive Statements (EIS) associated with these new sections.

This free call will be an open discussion around the new code of ethics and what changes you may want to make in your operation as a coach.

Understanding nuances of the code updates and what this means for you can support you to heighten your ethical awareness as a coach and stay out of ethical hot water.

Listen to the Call:

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