• Advanced Job Search Coaching
April 19, 3:07 am

With the rapid advances in technology, the evolution of the “gig economy,” and the seismic shifts occurring post-pandemic, the job search processes—technical and emotional—is more overwhelming than ever. In this call ILCT faculty member Anne Shields will discuss Advanced Job Search Coaching. Find out how coaching benefits job—shifters and -seekers and how much demand exists for this type of coaching as a stand-alone nice or as a facet of your life coach practice. What are some of the changes we've seen in how people are viewing work as a part of life and the changes employers are making in how they source candidates. How does this impact job search coaching? What are some of the greatest challenges facing coaches who work with jobseekers and how can coaching address them?

Documents related to call: The Next Great DisruptionThe Future of Work

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