• Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
April 16, 11:34 am

Join Pat Williams and Gladeana McMahon for a discussion of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.

The aim of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching or CBC as it is known, is to develop ways of thinking and associated behaviours that are more productive and likely to assist an individual reach their desired goals in life. The process helps clients move towards becoming the kind of person they want to be, attaining desired outcomes whether personal or professional.

If someone can talk themselves into being miserable and ineffective they can talk themselves out of such feelings and learn the associated behaviours that will lead to success. Whether emotional or practical, everything an individual needs to be successful can be traced back to a set of skills. CBC helps individuals develop such skills.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) is a powerful coaching model that draws on evidence based psychological models. The strategies, activities, techniques and exercises used are effective in helping individuals identify and challenge self-defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Negative thinking leads to negative emotions and negative emotions lead to negative behaviours, all of which has an effect on an individual’s physiology.

Many common daily challenges such as stress, lack of confidence, perfectionism, loss of meaning and purpose, poor communication skills or being less successful at work usually lead back to an individual’s personal perception of self. Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching aims to help clients gain a perspective about whatever is at the root of that person’s difficulty. Coach and client work collaboratively to identify what might be stopping an individual from reaching his or her full potential and what action is needed to take charge of their situation.

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