• Discover Your Relationship
May 27, 8:29 pm

Creative Marketing for Coaches: Part 3
Discover Your Relationship

In this final call, we'll talk about how you can use your existing network to grow your coaching business. You'll gain insight in how you can pull it all together so your focus isn't casting "drift nets" out to the world to get clients, but is strategic, targeted and sincere in your communications outreach.

When you express why you do what you do, and speak to your prospective clients in a way that they hear and resonate with what you're sharing, you not only attract the clients you most want to work with, but you build a lifelong advocate and referrer of your coaching services.

Provided for ILCT Students as part of a three-part teleseries on business marketing for coaches.
Host: Terry Pappy, CEO of Better3, a full-service customer relationship marketing, branding and business development firm.

Part 1: Discover Your Why

Part 2: Discover Your Client

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