• How Conflicts of Interest in Coaching Can Sneak Up and Bite You in the Rear
April 19, 1:30 am

This free ethics call will be an open discussion around conflicts of interest in coaching and some of the significant additions to the ICF Code of Ethics in 2019 and why ICF has made them.

Conflict of interest has many different facets and as I like to say in my ethic training, can sneak up on you before you know it. We will discuss these different facets of conflict of interest, situations to be aware of as well as how to “course correct” if you should find yourself in a conflict-of-interest situation.

I will be sharing a bit about how coaches have been blindsided by conflict of interest and found themselves in “Ethical Hot Water.”

Having a heightened awareness when it comes to conflict of interest in coaching situations, including multiple contracts and relationships can support to “Stay Out of Ethical Hot Water.”

Hosted by ILCT faculty member Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC.

Listen to the Call:

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