• The Points-of-You Method
January 2016

Regarding every person, object, situation, or opinion we experience, there are infinite points of view. The real challenge is to succeed in seeing points of view other than those we already know, to see things from a new angle. Change usually begins when we’re ready to see things from other points of view. The ability to do so is an important part of the growth process as well as personal, professional, and even organizational development.

One of the cornerstones of Points of You is the integration of the right brain, which controls intuition and emotion, and the left brain, which is responsible for analysis. This strategic combination is achieved by viewing a photo that touches our creative side, perceived as our female side, with a word describing a topic we deal with in our everyday lives, activating the analytical, or “male side” of the brain.

Our method exploits the special window of time created by this simultaneous stimulus wherein a struggle takes place between emotion and logic, momentarily “shorting out” the vigilant defense mechanisms in our consciousness. This “deliberate confusion” enables, via appropriate work, liberating us from the rigid checklists of “how it should be”, and enables other points of view to trickle into our consciousness. At the completion of the process, we’ve been exposed to and have internalized options that in our daily routine we wouldn’t have allowed to “pop up on our radar”, opening up to us more steps we can take, giving us that kick in the backside that moves us out of our stuck place.

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