• What’s Important to Know About Client Referral to Other Professional Services with Tina Elliot
September 21, 2:00 pm

This discussion will be around client referrals for any and all additional professional services your clients might need with a major focus on clarity around psychological referral.

We will touch on:

  • What are the “Red Flags” in a coaching conversation that could point to mental health needs?
  • What does making a referral really mean in the coaching realm?
  • What does our ethical code guide us to do around referrals?
  • How do we discern when a conversation around therapeutic needs might be important?
  • How do we approach it?
  • How do we effectively refer as a coach?
  • What are your choices as the coach in a referral situation?
  • How do we actually refer a client for therapeutic support?

In this discussion:

Tina will be sharing some tips to consider before even getting started with a potential new client.

How coaches can be blindsided if not aware and find themselves in “Ethical Hot Water.”

How to fine tune your own awareness when it comes to a referral conversation and how it can support you to “Stay Out of Ethical Hot Water.”

About our host: Tina Elliot's success as an executive, business and life coach draws from her twenty years experience working in the areas of coaching and consulting. She is a Coaching Ethics Specialist with over 13 years of experience as a Board Member on the ICF’s Independent Review Board processing ethical complaints against coaches, a member of the ICF Code of Ethics Review Teams updating the ICF ethics code and creating ethics education and training for coaches so they may “Stay Out of Ethical Hot Water.”