Coaching Clients in Uncertain Times


Navigating everyday personal, familial, and professional changes can be uncomfortable and even difficult. Add to the mix the unprecedented levels of uncertainty we all face right now, and everything becomes more intense.

How do we support our clients in navigating the times of change that are unfolding now and into the future?

How do we accompany our clients when their lives are irrevocably changed by regional events (storms, fires, economic trends, violence), national changes (economic shifts, election results, policy changes) or global impacts (climate change, worldwide disasters)?

How do we coach our clients who are experiencing personal transitions in the face of the added volatility that comes with unexpected changes of great magnitude?

As the scope, intensity, and pace of change continue to escalate in ways we can't always anticipate, it's important for us to gain additional insights about:

  • How to understand what's actually happening in times of tremendous change
  • How to discuss this level of change with our clients
  • How to support our clients as they navigate experiences they've never had before
  • How to honor our own personal experience while being present with our clients

Through this interactive class, you'll:

Understand how high levels of uncertainty alter the way clients navigate change. With these insights you'll see that transitions of this kind require deeper levels of compassion for ourselves and our clients, different questions, and enhanced skills for both clients and coaches.

Enhance your ability to talk about changes of this magnitude. Help your clients see beyond the vague cloud of uncertainty by sharing more intricacies about what's happening during times of great transition. Through these conversations, clients may discover that what they are feeling is different than what others are experiencing. These new insights can open up more caring, understanding, and communication within families, groups, and communities.

Discover the phases your clients are likely to experience and how to support them in seeing where they are. With the help of this framework, you and your client have a shared context for your conversations, which makes it easier for them to describe what they are experiencing with you and with others in their lives. When everything changes, having the language to describe the nuances of their experience gives them the power to claim where they are in the moment.

Experiencing the Freefall

Living in Uncertainty

Being in the Chasm Without Seeing a Path Forward

Crossing the Chasm to Create New Movement

Stepping More Fully into Evolving Life in Each Moment

Uncover ways you can be of support to others even when you are feeling unsettled and unmoored by the very same sources of uncertainty.

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Date September 19, 2024 - October 17, 2024

Time 6:00 pm ET - 7:30 pm ET

Day Thursday

Type Video Conference

Faculty Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC


Given that we are collectively living through uncertain times, she took it upon herself to include new and relevant information as the issues arose and as the course progressed. The follow up questions were thoughtful encouraged us to dive deeper into the topics and solidified our learning. Carol McClelland Fields is one of the BEST teachers I have ever had anywhere! ( That says a lot b/c I have 2 masters degrees and a doctorate.!)

- Lee R.