Coaching Ethics IQ


This course focuses on increasing your Coaching Ethics knowledge by having a clear understanding of the ICF and BCC code of ethics and their application to various coaching specific situations.

The most important part of coaching ethics is how to apply the code to your own coaching business practices and how having a solid coaching agreement can protect you and your clients.

You will learn how coaches have been getting in ethical hot water, what they have done to get there, so you don’t.

Understanding ethics also means understanding yourself, how you are currently operating, and what might need to be tweaked to operate from an ethically clean place.

Things are rapidly changing in our growing industry. As the coaching profession’s visibility and exposure increases so does the need to operate ethically and protect ourselves from ethical complaints.

Learning from this Course includes:

  • Ethics and why it’s so important
    • Ethical Decision-Making: Approaches using an Ethical Decision-Making Model
    • Understanding how your own filters and rationalizations could lead to an ethical complaint being filed
  • How a lack of clarity around Ethical Gray Areas & Ethical Blind Spots can turn into a breach of ethics code
    • Role of The Code of Ethics and the nuances to be aware of
    • ICF Code of Ethics – recent changes & why
    • Review ICF & BCC Codes the differences and how to apply the codes in challenging coaching situations
  • Review of the various types of Coaching and the hot spots for each:
    • Life Coaching
    • Health & Wellness
    • Business Coaching
    • Career Coaching
    • Organizational – Leadership/Executive Coaching
  • What Type of Ethics Complaints are being filed
    • How to Stay Out of Ethical Hot water
    • Understanding Ethical Conduct Review Process and how to get through them with grace and ease
    • Insider Tips on How to Protect Yourself
  • Contract and Agreements
    • Important ethical topics to including in your agreements
    • Sample Coaching Agreement covering all the ethical and legal aspects of a business contract important in working individual clients

Fieldwork: Each week students will work in a 1 hour peer group discussing an ethical dilemma’s determining breach of ethics code and if there is a way to course correct if you should land in a similar situation.

Frequency: This course is offered two to three times a year, depending on level of interest.

Ethics Expert and Instructor Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC is a past longtime member of both the ICF Global Ethics and Standards Committee & The ICF Independent Review Board and continues to work with the ICF on their Code of Ethics updates

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Date October 17, 2024 - November 21, 2024

Time 3:00 pm ET - 4:30 pm ET

Day Thursday

Type Video Conference

Faculty Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC


Tina was very upbeat & knowledgeable and always very prepared for each class. I found there was a good balance of teaching and class discussion as well as highly relevant materials. I also enjoyed the good small group assignments and interaction. This class really got me thinking about the many types of ethical dilemmas that aren't as black and white as we would like them to be and the class discussions were super valuable!!!

- Michelle S.

Tina has a sense of humor, but knows this topic well and expressed the seriousness of adhering to the codes to stay out of "ethical hot water."

- Lisa M.

Tina was an amazing instructor who was approachable, allowed humor, open engagement and dialogue, and allowed students to challenge source information. She has a friendly, warm style, and was pleasant and positive. I really felt like I was valued by her, my opinion mattered, and I was given great respect. She is a well seasoned instructor and coach and I'm extremely satisfied with taking this course. I'd put her at the top of instructors I've had!

- Alan V.