Coaching for Personal Resilience


People are looking for ways to face increased demands and challenges, a fast-paced life and work; to reduce the impacts of stress on mental and physical health, and to improve fulfillment, motivation, productivity and life satisfaction – in a nutshell, to improve personal resilience capacity to face life’s challenges.

Personal resilience is about thriving in life instead of coping. Get your clients ready to deal successfully with multiple life challenges instead of dealing with the aftermath. Empower them to take the lead on their life, sharing with them what makes a resilient life: a clear destination, a good map, adequate discernment, great driving skills, and enough fuel to last the whole trip. Help your clients acquire this multi-functional life skillset and build resilience, one day and one step at a time, instead of expecting life to improve some time, some day.

Join us and be part of this exciting opportunity to build a steady business with reliable coaching opportunities. Here is what one student said about the last course: “There are very few courses I’ve taken that were as transformative and life changing. This is one of them: wonderful course and excellent instructor. Thank you”.

Course Objectives

This course consists of ten, two-hour weekly interactive videoconference classes, as well as 2-3 hours per week of reading, individual and peer group reflections and assignments including coaching practice. All assignments have to be received before course completion.

Participants in this course will:

  1. Learn the four distinct yet inter-related dimensions of personal resilience: (1) Big Picture Vision; (2) Triage and Discernment; (3) Resources and Reserves; and (4) Life Skillset.
  2. Gain a new framework to help improve and enhance life purpose and satisfaction, life accomplishments and success, and the ability to face change and challenges positively.
  3. Expand knowledge about personal resilience components; how to share and apply this knowledge for more effective coaching sessions and sustainable results.
  4. Help clients achieve their goals by developing new awareness, exploring potential change and developing better practices. Learn about common self-limitations and cultural stereotypes, and how to best apply resilience and self-leadership skillset to real life.
  5. Learn how to best coach clients dealing with demanding, stressful, challenging life and work expectations and situations, and to help themselves propel forward towards a satisfying, sustainable future.
  6. Help clients develop an empowered, resilient approach to life and work demands and challenges, using coaching to enhance a holistic approach to a life with meaning, purpose, motivation, health, and fulfillment.
  7. Acquire a practical skillset. Develop and broaden effective coaching techniques, skills and tools needed to integrate effective resilience competencies into coaching sessions and how to use them in their own life, to build a thriving, resilient coaching business and personal life.
  8. Make resilience coaching more successful, understanding how personal resilience is affected by distinct internal and external factors, such as personality, energy available and personal decisions; by context, circumstances and cultural beliefs.

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year depending on interest.

Required Materials

The price listed on this page is $1045, which includes tuition ($1000) plus the cost for the course manual ($45). You will be prompted to add the manual to your cart during the registration process.

Course Prerequisites

20 hours of coach training or enrollment in Foundational course


If you are looking for a course to really move your life and your clients forward while still enjoying the journey, this is it. I have been curious about what triggers resilience for years, what resilience is, and how can we coach our clients to choose to be resilient. I have had all my questions answered. Catherine has designed this course to have a life changing impact not only on you but on your coaching practice. She is knowledgeable, inspiring and the information is current and grounded in reality. I now feel more prepared to journey with my clients as they see and live the greatness within them!

- Maria N.