Coaching Techniques and Practices: A Polishing Course


Are you preparing to graduate from ILCT and take the PCC Oral Exam? Are you feeling a bit rusty? Or renewing your coaching credential and want to continue to enhance your mastery of coaching skills?

This six-hour course is designed to review what you have previously learned and bring you up to date on new concepts, principles, techniques and practices of coaching. This course will polish some of those tarnished coaching skills and concepts and add new information from the coaching field such as a review of the ICF PCC Markers and ICF Core Competencies. In the process you can become more masterful by refreshing your knowledge of coaching concepts and practices, while also enhancing your confidence and competence as a coach. Throughout this course there will be hints and additional bonuses to enrich your coaching repertoire.

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year, depending on level of interest.

Course Prerequisites

Pre-Requisites: Minimum of 60 hours of coach specific education or by permission of the instructor.