Energizing Coaching Conversations with Metaphors


Join ILCT founder Dr. Patrick Williams, MCC to explore and learn to master the use of metaphors, guided imagery, and symbols in coaching. These pathways of learning utilizing the unconscious are creative tools to evoke images, and to invite enlightening, energetic, and emotional awareness. They can draw forth imagination, unlock insight, and stimulate resourcefulness.

Course Objectives

  1. 1. Understand metaphors as a tool for evoking awareness and to build client insights with less dialogic coaching.
    2. Practice both noticing and developing metaphors that expand client thinking, increase awareness, and provide motivation and a framework for client action.
    3. Learn to both attend to client metaphors as well as offer metaphors in the moment for new client learning and potential breakthrough.
    4. Learn to offer guided imagery in the coaching relationship for deepening the learning from the unconscious.

Coaching competencies that aid in the mastery of metaphors: Listening, evoking awareness, facilitating client growth are all covered.

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year, depending on level of interest.

Course Prerequisites



I just completed this course and found it invaluable. Helping clients to take a "shortcut to their brain" through the use of metaphors really helps them increase their clarity and move forward in their lives. Dr. Patrick Williams makes this a very rich and fun learning experience. By also learning to incorporate clean language, the coach assists the client to expand their learning while preserving the uniqueness of client-generated metaphors. I have implemented many of the skills from this course with my clients and have added a very important dimension to their coaching experience with me. I recommend it highly.

- N. B.

The course was simply amazing. I’m using metaphors now in almost every single coaching session I do, so happy joined this class.

- A.Z.

It was a privilege to get to take a class from Dr. Pat! He has a casual and engaging style of teaching, and pulls in so many things from his extensive training and experience.

- K.B.