Introduction to Relationship Coaching


We are all in relationships with others whether it’s with family, spiritual or religious, romantic, sexual, work, school, coaching and the list goes on. No one is an Island.

Relationships are what coaching is all about. This course focuses on developing and enhancing your coaching skills to help your clients build and sustain successful relationships. The 8- week course covers concepts, tools, skills and best practices so clients can move forward towards meaningful relationships while also helping you acknowledge and create your identity as a relationship coach. Upon completion of this course coaches will be able to coach clients who want to strengthen their relationships, address barriers that could be creating obstacles in relationships, and move them forward with identified goals.

Weekly reading, short written assignments, and class participation required.

Course Topics

  • Different types of Relationships
  • Distinction between Coaching and Counseling
  • Relationship Skills
  • Coaching Relationships
  • Abuse in Relationships
  • SMART and GROW Models
  • Importance of Boundaries
  • Powerful Questioning & Active Listening
  • Coaching Singles for Relationship Success
  • Marriage Coaching
  • Self-Care

Required Textbooks:

Relationship Coaching- The theory and practice of coaching with singles, couples and parents. by Yossi Ives and Elaine Cox

Frequency: This course is offered two or three times a year, depending on level of interest; class size is limited.

Course Prerequisites

20 hours of coach trainng


I enjoyed this class and instructor very much. She obviously loves doing what she teaches and shared so many valuable insights. She was open and respectful to her students and created a safe space where we could exchange ideas, share perspectives and inquire freely.

- J.F.