Resilience Coaching for Stress and Burnout


In this course, you’ll learn how clients dealing with chronic stress and burnout need a different approach to coaching. You’ll understand how unabated stress contributes to mental and physical depletion, and how to help your clients replenish, recover and build resilience. You’ll expand your business opportunities with both individual and group coaching, as you build the framework of a group coaching session specific to stress and burnout. You’ll leave equipped with marketable skills, a framework and content to best support your clients and your growing practice.

Dealing with extreme levels of chronic stress or burnout is a top concern for many of our coaching clients. The pandemic brought multiple changes, new demands and uncertainty. It’s been challenging, sometimes overwhelming, and can easily lead to mental and physical depletion.

Resilience is about developing the awareness and practices that keep us motivated, replenished, and hopeful that we can live well and thrive – it’s not about powering through, enduring or coping with life. And stress and overwhelm are not a badge of honour, but indicators of exhaustion. A resilience coaching approach will help your clients make better choices, build new habits, and build a life that fulfills, fits and fuels them.

Course Objectives

The course is divided into three parts, for a total of ten, two-hour weekly classes. An additional two hours a week should be allowed for reading, individual/ peer group reflections, and assignments including coaching practice. All assignments must be received before course completion.

Part 1: Explore resilience basic concepts and how it provides a template for thriving instead of powering through depletion. The physiology and cycle of chronic stress and how it impacts overall function, motivation and performance, mental/ physical health, and quality of life.

Part 2: Adapt the coaching process to stressed/ burned out clients. Explore how self-beliefs, attitudes and perceptions impact the coaching outcomes, and how to help clients stop the cycle of impossible expectations.

Part 3: Build the framework to support your clients, and help broaden and expand your practice with multiple streams of income and simple marketing practices for maximum effectiveness.

Participants in this course will:

  1. Learn about personal resilience components: (1) big picture vision; (2) triage and discernment; (3) resources and capacity; and (4) life skillset. Help clients develop an empowered, resilient approach to life/ work demands and challenges, with a holistic approach to fuel life with meaning, purpose, health, and fulfillment.
  2. Learn about chronic stress and burnout: how they impact mental/ physical function and health, self-worth, performance and productivity. Identify stress/ burnout red flags, equipped with checkpoints and assessments.
  3. Use a recovery/rebuild approach, focusing on growth mindset, positive adaptation to change and challenges, and a realistic approach to thriving.
  4. Apply self-leadership principles to coaching depleted clients effectively and successfully, learning the principles of a progressive, encouraging learning approach and a growth-based mindset to provide space for progressive replenishment.
  5. Replenish & maintain life resources: focusing on key mental and physical energy needs, and sustainable practices.
  6. Use a cohesive approach of simple strategies & small changes: build impactful outcomes with purpose-based, small-step strategies and “habit-stacking” tips to reduce stress load. Encourage a kind, respectful approach to self-accountability, discerning self-care from self-punishment and self-indulgence. Identify and replace dysfunctional beliefs with positive self-beliefs and deliberate, empowering choices using an internal locus of control.
  7. Build a group coaching session: with a framework, content and marketing targeting stress/ burnout recovery strategies, for an effective, successful group coaching session.
  8. Broaden and expand your practice, with multiple streams of income and simple marketing practices for maximum effectiveness. Develop and broaden effective individual and group coaching techniques, skills and tools needed to integrate effective resilience competencies into coaching sessions and build a thriving, resilient coaching business.

Frequency: This course is offered once a year.

Required Materials:

The price listed on this page is $1045, which includes tuition ($1000) plus the cost for the course manual ($45). You will be prompted to add the manual to your cart during the registration process.

Course Prerequisites

20 hours of coach training or enrollment in Foundational course