Essential Steps to Take as You Start Marketing


Starting a business from scratch or trying to grow a seedling of a business into a flourishing venture is quite a journey.

The journey as a new entrepreneur is different from that of an experienced entrepreneur. Although some of the topics are the same, the way you approach them as a new business owner is different. For example, it may be too early in your business to nail down your niche or claim your ideal client. You need experience working with clients before those marketing concepts will come into focus for you.

Third, I have found through years of experience that fast, bold solutions and strategies that throw me out into the world where I feel exposed and unprepared are bound to backfire. If I don't feel clear, safe, and confident, I'll put on the brakes and back up! Then it takes me a while to build up enough confidence to step out again. Perhaps you find yourself doing the same thing.

In my experience I have found that coaches — who are naturally sensitive, intuitive, creative, empathic, and possibly introverted — recognize this pattern in themselves. Stopping your progress because you feel uncomfortable is not the best strategy when you are trying to start your business!

There is another way!

Setting the Stage for Success

Although you know you must market consistently to build your business, you may not realize that there are several crucial steps to take before you start sharing your new business and services with others?

Before you can create a thriving business, you must build momentum.

Before you can build momentum, you must take a series of effective, consistent actions to market your business.

Before you can take action, you must feel confident.

Before you can feel confident, you must have clarity about your work and your business.

In this six-week workshop you will explore 12 Facets of Clarity to:

  • Identify the gaps that have been holding you back
  • Discover what you need to resolve to feel clear and confident enough to begin taking strategic actions within your business.
  • Create reliable ways to turn your hesitation into a source of wisdom that shows you the best ways to create a flourishing business that works for you and your clients.

Course Outline

Week 1: Gain a New Understanding of the Journey You Are On

Understand the map of your journey to start your business, the benefits of growing your new business incrementally, and why traditional business coaching advice is not helping you reach your goal. Familiarize yourself with the 12 Facets of Clarity we'll be talking about during the workshop that are essential to your success. Possible form of hesitation: Overwhelm

Week 2: Firm Up the Focus of Your Work With Clients, Your Form of Work, and Your Framework with Feedback from Your Clients

Discover what you do know about your work with clients and then confirm and verify your conclusions through conversations with your clients. Gaining enough clarity at this stage is an essential prerequisite before you'll be able to take actions to build your business. Possible form of hesitation: Confusion

Week 3: Explore the Problems You'd Like to Resolve and Who Is Likely to Benefit Most from Your Work

Uncover the value and benefit of the work you do. Although this may look like we are focusing on your marketing niche in this section, we are not! It's too early in the life of your business for that conversation. Your goal in this section is to look within to gain a deeper understanding of how you want your clients to benefit from your work. Possible form of hesitation: Difficulty Making Decisions

Week 4: Create your Business Foundation, Client Flow, and Collection of Offers that Will Allow You to Flourish

When you can see the overall structure of your business and see that it really is financially feasible, then you can relax into making it a viable venture. Possible form of hesitation: Fear

Week 5: Discover Initial Ways to Boost Your Presence Locally and Beyond

Find and create personalized ways you can become more visible in your community. This is not about forcing yourself to step into a bigger presence than you are ready for, but rather to find the ways that feel reasonably doable. In this session I'll introduce you to the difference between Above Ground Marketing that's taught in most courses and Underground Marketing that is based on creating nurturing connections with whom you have personal contact. At this stage in your business, focusing on Underground outreach will lead to more conversations and opportunities to engage with potential clients. Possible form of hesitation: Perfectionism

Week 6: Reassess Your Foundation to Find Your Growing Edge and Identify Your Next Steps

After taking this first pass through the 12 Facets of Clarity, you'll be able to see where you need to focus to enhance the foundation of your new business and how you can begin taking actions to build momentum. Possible form of hesitation: Paralysis or Procrastination

Creating greater clarity about these 12 aspects of your business builds a foundation that’s stable enough to support your growth. With this new level of clarity and confidence, you will find you can take the necessary actions to start marketing your business with more ease.

Tuition includes 1 hour of individual business consultation with the instructor, scheduled after Week 6.

This course does not count toward the BCC.

Course Prerequisites



Carol truly understands the specific nuances, fears and questions most new coaches face when launching their business. Her gentle and compassionate teaching style made me feel instantly welcomed as she deeply listened and connected to each student’s concerns about moving forward on their particular path. I found the homework to be challenging and rewarding because it forced me to really narrow down some of my ideas and to expand upon others. One of my favorite gems from Carol is, “when you take a series of effective actions, then you build momentum

- Deb C, JD, BCC

As a new coach, I was all over the place as far as how to get my coaching business up and running. Enrolling in Carol's What You Need to Know Before You Start Marketing class has been the best gift I have given myself.  Carol normalizes all the fears, hesitation, and uncertainty that can stop new coaches from taking action. She also provides the space, structure, and mentoring support new coaches need to gain the clarity about every aspect of their business. By creating this strong foundation for my business, I now have what I need to market my work/business with confidence."

- D.D.