• Change the World Christian Coaching
April 16, 10:41 am

Several weeks ago we sent a survey regarding a new Christian Coaching class called “Change the World Christian Coaching”. Thank you to the nearly 150 of you who responded. The results are at the bottom of this page.

The new class, Change the World Christian Coaching, prompted the survey, and we are getting ready to start this September. It is a 20 credit hour class that will qualify for both ICF and BCC coach training hours.

Here are some other highlights about the class:

• Based on Brian’s book “Made to Change the World” (to be released in January)

• It includes tools, resources and full training

• Curriculum supports coaching Christians and also ministries

• Unique Training conducted via video conference

• Class combines learning and immediate application for personal and group coaching

• Become certified as a Change the World Coach

All of these details and many more will be covered during this 30 minute conference call with course creator and ILCT instructor, Brian Williams, PCC.

Survey results (from nearly 150 Christian Coaches)

  1. What do you as a coach need most from God?
    RESULTS: Wisdom for direction (56.3%), More clients (12.5%), To know my purpose (9%)
  2. What do your Christian clients want/need most?
    RESULTS: To find purpose (20.1%), Increase faith/overcome fear (19.4%), Overcome obstacles (17.4%)
  3. What do you as a Christian coach want/need most?
    RESULTS: To fulfill my purpose (59.4%), Increase faith/overcome fear (14.7%), Gain clarity (10.5%)
  4. Which tools do you believe would help your Christian clients?
    RESULTS: Accountability (41.5%), Information/books/videos (13.8%), Worksheets (12.2%)
  5. How satisfied are you with being a coach?
    RESULTS: Very satisfied (47.9%), Satisfied (31.7%), Somewhat Satisfied (19.7%), Not satisfied (.7%)

Listen to the Call:

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