Change the World Christian Coaching


A multitude of people in the United States and the World consider themselves to be Christians but do not know how to live the purpose God has for them. In recent polls, 70% of the US population calls themselves Christians but do not live a fulfilled life based on their unique calling. If everyone lived their God given purpose - it would change the world. The Change the World Coaching Program is derived from the Christian foundation that God has a purpose and plan for each person’s life. Few people really know and live their life calling and instead have what Chuck Swindoll calls a “settled-for-life”. God has much bigger plans for the lives of His children.

The Change the World (CTW) Coaching program is designed to teach and equip Christian coaches with the competencies to coach other Christians to live their purpose. Once certified, a CTW Coach will have the tools and training to help their clients realize and actualize the full calling God has for them to be fulfilled and ultimately impact this world for good.

The CTW Program is a certificate program that includes many tools for coaches, such as: assessments, worksheets, books, resources, training, etc. All of these are grounded in scripture and designed to support a clients clarity of direction, goals, balance, knowing God’s truth and having the faith to act upon it. At the end of the course, each coach will be equipped with all the tools and training necessary to utilize with individuals, groups, ministries, churches, etc.

Included in this program are:

  • Classes that teach and practice key foundational areas
  • Virtual classes to gain confidence in using video conferencing for coaching
  • Acquire skills to lead group coaching sessions
  • Group coaching practice and dynamics
  • Additional skills for coaching individual Christian clients
  • Biblically based Assessments and balance tools
  • Books to support coach and clients
  • Scripture based worksheets to support key life areas
  • Additional Christian resources and recommendations
  • Completion certificate and ability to list name on CTW website as a resource

Key areas to be trained in the course are:

  1. Coaching clients to know God’s purpose, mission and vision for their lives
  2. Learn to know and live by God’s truth
  3. Setting and achieving Godly goals
  4. Proper life balance based on scripture
  5. Coaching Christians to actually make change (commitment, will, motivation, etc.)
  6. Prioritizing, planning and time management based on purpose
  7. Changing habits as led by God
  8. Handling obstacles as a Christian
  9. Group coaching dynamics and technology
  10. Ways to use CTW in your coaching business and ministry


  • To train and certify Christian Coaches in CTW Coaching so coaches can use resources anywhere.
  • To equip coaches to support churches, ministries, etc. with CTW coaching.
  • To provide coaches with skills, tools, and resources to become CTW Certified.

Required resources:

Books to purchase

  1. Made to Change the World by Coach Brian Williams
  2. Walk with God Today by Coach Brian Williams

All other resources are included in the course (books, worksheets, tools, etc.)

Weekly Peer Coaching Required

Course Prerequisites

Foundational or Foundational for Christian Coaches or similar core ICF/BCC Coach training