Ways of Sacred Listening


Drawing on the best of Spiritual Direction practices and Life Coaching competencies, this course is for coaches who wish to add a strong spiritual foundation to the work they are currently doing.

This course, based on spiritual principles, a belief in the sacred, and prayerful discernment, provides the knowledge to enhance both approaches, incorporating mindfulness, meditation/prayer, exploration of one's purpose or mission, and other tools which can enhance the coaching relationship and spiritual growth of your client. Other topics include:

  • Approaching Mystery
  • Guiding the Human Spirit
  • Creating Sacred Time, Sacred Space
  • Listening as Spiritual Director, Therapist, Mentor and Life Coach
  • Mirroring, evaluating, discovering, affirming, encouraging, challenging, focusing …
  • Observing body language, speech patterns, choice of words… (Reading the client)
  • Sharing ("Do's" and "Don'ts")
  • Identifying choices, assessing commitment, setting goals, evaluating actions, ensuring accountability

Taught as a Video Conference, learning in this course will be through lecture, group discussions, readings, in class coaching practice, and through a project producing a brief transcript of a Life Coaching session excerpt with a classmate or client.

Required Texts:

Frequency: This course is offered once a year.

Course Prerequisites