Coaching for Family Resilience


Personal resilience is made up of the skills, resources and vision to move forward in life despite complex challenges. Family resilience is based on the personal resilience skills of each member of the family, and on the family’s collective resilience skills.

This course provides coaches with the concepts, practical knowledge, essential skills and strategies to develop a successful coaching practice with clients dealing with day-to-day family and parenting issues. You probably coach clients who are parents and deal with a busy family and work life, multiple demands and challenges, and too little time and energy. Whether you coach parents with young families, teens or adult children; whether your clients are two-parent, single parents or blended families, you can help them develop realistic, respectful strategies to support them and build family resilience.

In this course, we will take an inside-out approach. You will have the opportunity to experiment with small actions that powerfully impact resilience, mental (and physical) health, and quality of life. This in turn will help you grow and broaden your coaching business.

Family resilience is about moving forward, not repeating the past.

Prepare your clients to deal successfully with multiple life challenges instead of dealing with the avoidable aftermath. Empower them to take the lead on their life and to build healthy, resilient families with clear positive parameters, self-confidence, healthy beliefs and attitudes matched by behaviors, discernment and triage, and supported by adequate energy… and less stress. Help your clients acquire a multi-functional life skillset and build resilience, one day and one step at a time, instead of wishing and hoping that their family life will improve… someday.

Family resilience coaching provides parents and family a positive approach, with the framework, inspiration and how-to to best support growth and resilience. As coaches, we can help parents define what makes resilient, healthy parenting; identify and practice the qualities and skills that create a secure, loving structure that supports growth, connection, intimacy and independence.

Family resilience is about thriving – not about coping. It’s about envisioning what matters most and triaging out what matters less; recharging essential resources to thrive, and helping your clients define, build and live respectful, mutually fulfilling relationships and family.

Family resilience is a fast growing area. Complex family roles and dynamics, conflicting information and little guidance can be confusing and many parents are at a loss about how to improve family function and dynamics. There is a growing need, expressed by parents, coaches and teachers that they need a new mindset and better skills to grow and support mentally healthy, resilient children to adulthood. Family resilience coaching provides this positive approach.

This essential, practical course will enhance your coaching skillset to foster healthier, stronger, resilient parents, children, relationships and families. You will learn what makes parents, children and families resilient; identify obstacles to resilience; and work with parents to improve parenting skills to foster and support positive family dynamics in an atmosphere of respect, accountability and growth.

Course Objectives

Participants in this course will:

  1. Learn about the distinct, inter-related aspects of family resilience:
  • Self and mutual awareness and accountability
  • Building positive, evolving relationships
  • Developing a supportive family culture
  • Exploring cultural stereotypes and myths that impact family resilience
  • Building a realistic, respectful, responsible family dynamic
  • Developing a family Big Picture based on what matters, with a clear customized approach to address and monitor best practices
  • Enhancing individual and collective resources and skills
  • Growing new parenting skills, including clear positive communication
  1. Gain a new framework based on the multi-dimensional model of personal and family resilience, to improve and enhance life purpose and satisfaction, life accomplishments and success, and the ability to face positively the demands of a growing family, with setbacks and multiple challenges.
  2. Increase and expand knowledge about family resilience components; how to share and apply this knowledge for more effective coaching sessions and sustainable results.
  3. Integrate successfully personal & family resilience coaching, understanding how family resilience is affected by distinct internal and external factors, such as personality, resources and skills available, and personal decisions; by context, circumstances and cultural beliefs.
  4. Learn how to best coach clients dealing with demanding, stressful, challenging life, work and family demands, expectations and situations, help them support themselves, and build a satisfying, sustainable family model.
  5. Help clients achieve best outcomes by developing new awareness, exploring potential change and developing new skills, rituals and habits. Learn about common self-limitations and cultural stereotypes, and how to best apply a resilience skillset to real family circumstances.
  6. Acquire a practical skillset. Develop and broaden effective coaching techniques, skills and tools needed to integrate effective resilience competencies into coaching sessions and how to use them in their own life, to build a thriving, resilient coaching business and personal life.
  7. Help families and parents develop an empowered, resilient approach to life and work demands and challenges, using coaching to enhance a holistic approach to a life with meaning, purpose, motivation, health, and fulfillment.

Demands: 10 hours class time, plus an hour a week for peer coaching, and two hours of reading & assignments. All assignments must be received before course completion.

Frequency: This course is offered once a year.

Required Materials

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Course Prerequisites

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Date October 15, 2024 - November 12, 2024

Time 3:30 pm ET - 5:30 pm ET

Day Tuesday

Type Video Conference

Faculty Catherine Morisset, PCC, BCC, CLC


Catherine is a wonderful instructor with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge to share. She is kind, attentive, open to new ways of thinking and always gives space within the class for introspection, sharing of ideas and questions. She has a wonderful way about her and I have learned so much through my coursework with her.

- Kristen B.