Coaching for Weight Management and Lifestyle Change


Based of Prochaska’s theory of change, this course explores coaching skills and tools to guide clients toward health and wellness goals, as well as understanding the various food lifestyles people choose, is key to wellness coaching success. As we know, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all food lifestyle. Knowing the basics of integrative nutrition will enhance the coaching relationship. In this course you will learn to combine this knowledge with Prochaska's Stages of Change Transtheoretical Model. Topics Discussed:

  • Understand the Wellness Coach Scope of Practice
  • Learn about Mindful Eating and Emotional Eating
  • Learn Coaching Skills for Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Learn Coaching Skills for Integrative Fitness and Activity
  • Review New and Innovative Approaches to Weight Management
  • Compare Various Diets, Cleanses and Food Lifestyles

To complete the course you will need to have access to a computer/tablet and be comfortable using the Internet as you will be working on an e-learning platform. You will be asked to complete written assignments within the two required text books and upload your answers to the learning platform, as well as interacting with the course instructor. Students will have one year to complete the requirements for this course.

Required Textbook:

Changing to Thrive: Using the Stages of Change to Overcome the Top Threats to Your Health and Happiness by James O. & Janice M. Prochaska (2016).

Note: Please be sure to download the Welcome Letter when you register as it contains the link for your class, so you can begin as soon as you are ready.

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I am new to coaching so all the information was informative. The information on emotional eating and the center for mindfulness was really useful and I was able to immediately able to incorporate the ideas into my work. The book for the course was excellent and there were some great articles as well.

- MM

The TTM model is a great addition to my coaching practice. Each article and video provided was insightful and powerful information. I truly appreciate the multiple “aha” moments I had. Also having so much clarity about the laws between health and wellness coaching vs Nutricionist, Dieticians and similar professionals is incredibly relevant !

- A.L.