Philosophy of Behavior Change


As a Coach, have you ever wondered:

  • How do people actually make change in their life?
  • How does the mind work when considering change?
  • Is it possible to help people change core beliefs?
  • How does long term change happen?
  • How can I support others on making long term/sustainable changes?
  • How do I help people get past sticking points of change?
  • What is the process of change?
  • How important are awareness, core beliefs and support for change?

If one or all of these things are important for your Coaching career or even your own life, this one-hour class will not only give you insight on how the mind works through change but also show you how to help people through change for long term results. You will learn the process as well as be given the model for change that can help you and your career.

This model has been presented to and verified by Fortune 10 leaders, experts in the field of Coaching and behavior change as well as some of the world’s top clinicians.

Course Prerequisites