Resilience 101: Your Life Owner’s Manual


Resilience is what you need to keep showing up at your best, physically, mentally and spiritually. Simply: resilience is your life owner’s manual.

When you buy a car, it comes with a manual that provides instructions, cautions and troubleshooting. The car will need more than gas to run and remain in good order. How about you? Are you running on fumes and or on a full tank? Do you maintain yourself regularly? How do you care for yourself, and keep yourself going? Do you reward yourself with self-care, or do you fuel yourself so you can keep going?

This is what resilience is about: to keep yourself fueled, maintained, in great mental and physical condition, so you can keep moving ahead into your life and your future. This hands-on course will explore how you can make better choices, to support the quality of life and resilience you deserve to have. You will learn what makes you resilient, with instructions, cautions and troubleshooting. You will build self-awareness and vision, grow life skills (not coping skills!), refuel vital energy and prioritize what matters to live a productive, motivated, energized, resilient life.

We’ll be addressing resilience in four dimensions:

To reassess attitudes, beliefs, expectations and possibilities

To reduce stress and its impacts on mental and physical health

To recharge the five types of life energy supporting your life

To reframe possibilities and choices based on your desired outcomes.

We’ll address myths and replace them with facts. And instead of wondering what would make a difference, you’ll end the course with clarity and user-friendly, small-step strategies you can apply and maintain in your busy, full life.

By the end of this course, you will have acquired knowledge, skills and strategies to build a resilience approach to your life, work and business. This course is designed for new and experienced coaches, to build (and maintain) a resilient, productive, inspired and healthy life and career.

Course Objectives:

  1. Life owner’s resilience profile: what makes you resilient? What resilience is (and what it’s not)
  2. Resilience: mental and physical health connection
  3. Approach: common sense, realistic, user-friendly small changes for best outcomes
  4. Big picture: propel yourself forward into a resilient, happy, fulfilling life
  5. Vital resources: rest & recharge are needs (not rewards).
  6. Life skills: learn, practice & implement new life skills: focus on thriving (not coping
  7. Transform your life: with a four-R approach to a resilient life
  8. Reassess: your beliefs, attitudes and expectations, so they are based on reality
  9. Reduce: chronic stress and its impact on your life, health and work
  10. Recharge: vital energy and show up at your very best
  11. Reframe: your life, using a simple prioritization/triage approach layered with skills and strategies to grow & maintain your resilience, heath, motivation and quality of life
  12. Next steps: equipped and motivated, leading you to the life you want

Frequency: This course is offered once or twice a year.

Required Materials

The price listed on this page is $330, which includes tuition ($300) plus the cost for the course manual ($30). You will be prompted to add the manual to your cart during the registration process.

Course Prerequisites


This short course is intended to provide students with basic resilience concepts, so they can (A) apply them to their own life; and (B) obtain the prerequisite foundation to register to the more advanced coaching courses of Family Resilience and/or Organizational Resilience. Students interested in providing resilience coaching to their clients should instead register to Coaching For Personal Resilience, a 10-week course starting in September and offered once a year.


I enjoyed learning from this class a lot. I wish the course were longer than 6 hours. Thank you so much for the fantastic learning opportunity!

- M.C.

I really enjoyed Catherine's energy, pace, tone, and the ability to promote sharing and openness but also teach with accountability. This class out of all the ones I've taken so far - I enjoyed the most - and I enjoyed her the most as an instructor.

- H.C.