Using Intuition as a Coach


Do you want to develop your intuition? Are you someone who seems to have a sixth sense and you want to be able to utilize your intuition and develop your clair senses to guide others? Have you been intrigued with healers and spiritual teachers such as Doreen Virtue, Judith Orloff, Andrew Weil, Caroline Myss and others? Have you thought about becoming a spiritual coach, a medical intuitive, a lightworker? Have you been called an empath?

This course is online and self-paced. You will have the opportunity to engage in written dialogue with your facilitator throughout the course. You will be given written assignments similar to keeping a journal of your experiences during each lesson and you will receive intuitive feedback.

This course will take you well on your way to discovering how your gift of intuition can enhance your personal and professional life.

Topics explored include:

  • What is Intuition?
  • Enhancing Intuitive Skills
  • Uses of Intuition in Everyday Life
  • Intuition and the Helping Professions
  • Understanding Your Intuition
  • Psychic Boundaries
  • Intuitive Practice: Ego vs Intuition

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I found this course truly inspiring and motivating. It allowed me to dive deeper into what it means to be a coach, and find the spiritual side to this profession. It also helped me to grow as a coach, which emphasized that interdevelopmental model.

- A.S.

I really enjoyed this course and intend to use the information and resources to make coaching sessions richer! Being encouraged to trust in and use my intuition, whether that information is solely for me or for the client as well. I liked the focus on discernment regarding whether to use the information with a client or not. If it's highly upsetting information, it may require some delicacy and may or may not be something to convey. Also like the idea of, when receiving an impression or image or symbol, relaying that to the client to see if that sparks insights or discussion.

- Michele