Creating Sacred Context

This course introduces participants to some of the complexities involved in spiritually-based life coaching. What language and images does the coach use? Which archetypes and archetypal patterns best help the client approach scriptural narratives? How can the life coach avoid imposing his or her belief system on the client? What are some of the tools for assessing a client’s spiritual maturity? Is it appropriate to pray with a client, and, if so, what form should the prayer take? What is “holy foolishness” and why is it an essential component of the spiritual life? What does one do if the client is from a different faith tradition than one’s own? How does the coach assess whether s/he is the right person to companion a particular client? These and other questions will provide the content of our explorations together!

Frequency: This course is offered once a year.

Required Texts: 

Stages of Faith, Fowler, James W., New York: HarperCollins, 1995

Jesus the Holy Fool, Stewart, Elizabeth-Anne, New Jersey: Sheed & Ward, 1999

Course Prerequisites