Organizational Resilience Coaching

This course is designed for new and experienced coaches who want to develop the expertise needed to provide resilience coaching to organizational clients.

Resilience coaching with organizational clients is experiencing exponential growth.  This course can help you open new doors, access new opportunities for ongoing work, and secure organizational clients and contracts. As an example, one organizational coaching contract can provide you with hundreds of coaching sessions and be spread over several years. 

Organizational resilience coaching is key to help organizations maintain strong, resilient employees, leaders and teams, and to develop an organizational culture that supports growth.  It’s likely to become the fastest growing type of workplace-sponsored coaching, because it saves organizations time, money and valuable people.  Join us and be part of this exciting new opportunity to build a steady business with large contracts, and long-term, multiple, reliable coaching opportunities. 

Organizational resilience: Organizations, whether large or small businesses, NGO’s, governments and public service, are increasingly concerned about the growing cost of mental illness, absenteeism, stress leave and burnout.  They want to learn what makes leaders, managers, employees and teams more productive, motivated, resourceful, with what it takes to keep going in the face of multiple, complex change and challenges.   Old fashioned trouble-shooting approaches such as “coping” are not enough; there is a growing need for a big picture approach that includes resilient leadership, building a human-based work culture and a bottom-up and top-down approach to individual resilience, self-responsibility and self-management. 

Human resilience is about learning to envision and to discern what matters most; it’s about refueling the reserves that maintain you alive, productive and motivated; and it’s about learning the life skills that propel you forward.  Resilience is about that little ounce of prevention that saves everyone the high cost of having to pay for that pound of cure.  In organizations, resilience is key to productivity motivation, sustained growth – and a healthy bottom line.

Human resilience is about moving forward, to keep going and going, with a set of skills that are learned and mastered through practice. It’s not about bouncing back to where you were, or to undoing what’s done.  It’s not a specific gift or talent.  It’s not dealing with a single event or challenge.  Human resilience is a skillset, and you can learn and use it effectively, in coaching and in building your life – and your business.  

This course will provide concrete, motivating practical knowledge for new and experienced coaches who want to build their expertise in an area offering exciting growth opportunities.  If you already provide coaching to an organization, you’ll broaden your knowledge, you’ll gain new insights and a new framework to help you improve individual and team resilience, to create resilient leadership and to build cultural resilience.  If you’re new to organizational coaching, you’ll learn how to coach people in stressful, demanding and fast-paced workplaces.  You’ll also acquire a better understanding of organizational context and culture, and how coaching can enhance productivity, motivation and mental health, to build a resilient, productive workforce.

The course focuses on skill development and tools in three coaching areas: individual resilience within organizations, team resilience and resilient leadership, including both individual and group coaching.  We also address how to get organizational clients, building your coaching business with competitive proposals, and contracting with clients and client-companies.

Course Objectives

This Course consists of weekly interactive teleconference classes, reading, and assignments that include coaching observations. Students enrolled in this course should expect to invest an additional 2-3 hours a week in peer coaching, reading and assignments. Assignments have to be received before course completion.

Participants in this course will:

  1. Learn how to use the four-dimensional human resilience model, in the context of organizational coaching
  2. Acquire a better understanding of organizational context and culture, and how to use group and individual coaching efficiently
  3. Gain new framework to help improve individual, team, leadership and cultural resilience
  4. Become familiar with common needs and challenges of workplace and how coaching can address these.
  5. Develop and broaden coaching techniques and tools applicable to resilience coaching in organizations
  6. Learn how to coach people dealing with stressful, demanding and fast-paced workplaces
  7. Use coaching to enhance productivity, motivation, mental health, and to build a resilient workforce.
  8. Learn about the special issues facing organizations, management and employees
  9. Develop skills and tools in three coaching areas: individual resilience within organizations, team resilience and resilient leadership
  10. Develop group coaching skills and tools
  11. Build the foundation of an organizational resilience coaching business, such as submitting competitive proposals
  12. Experience and practice a resilient organization vision, including goal setting and coaching for change.

Frequency: This course is offered once a year. 

Required Materials

The price listed on this page is $1045, which includes tuition ($1000) plus the cost for the course manual ($45). You will be prompted to add the manual to your cart during the registration process.

Course Prerequisites

You must have completed one of the following:


There are very few classes I've taken in my life that I've felt were transformative and life changing. This is one of them. Wonderful course and excellent instructor! Thank you.
- Dr. Kathy T.
It was an honor to take the Organizational Resilience course from Catherine. I appreciated her knowledge and teaching style and the great information she provided. She encouraged conversation, provided a safe space to share ideas and offered good advice or food for thought to us all. She helped me think outside the box and also encouraged me to look at how I can better support myself, which no doubt will only enhance my coaching with others. Catherine's class has excited and motivated me to learn more about this area!
- Debbie S.