Principles of Psychospiritual Coaching

The psychospiritual approach, known as InnerView Guidance, reflects the soul knowledge it takes to navigate the interior landscape with a new map. This is positive psychology for what the soul wants. InnerView Guidance is the process of aligning the feelings, needs, values and purposes which allow our inner and outer worlds to be congruent. It’s about narrowing the gap between one’s persona in the world and the summons of true personhood; to be within yourself that you would like to foster in the world at large. It involves listening closely to the nuanced voice of wisdom. No matter how brief or long-term, it is a journey that takes us from:

  • our present situation to our preferred state
  • repeating patterns to empowered choices
  • what doesn’t really matter to what matters most
  • what doesn’t belong to us to owning what does
  • nursing wounds of the past to initiating new beginnings
  • what needs to be released to manifesting our soul vision

In this course you will learn how to focus on the person and not the issue. You will learn about the 4Fold Path that offers a dimensional approach to understanding the psychospiritual person, and you will learn about attunement within the coaching relationship. The InnerView Guidance Model can be applied to faith-based and multi-faith coaching, as well as non-religious spiritual coaching. Applications of InnerView Guidance are offered through case studies as well.

Required book: Applications of a Psychospiritual Model in the Helping Professions: Principles of InnerView Guidance by Cedric Speyer & John Yaphe

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