Technology-Delivered Coaching


Methods, Ethics and Social Networking

Learn about the methods and ethics of online coaching, and how to maintain a responsible online presence. We will start with defining online coaching and differentiating it from other mental health services, examine how to conduct and enhance your online coaching client relationship by looking at disinhibition and presence. We will then look at the ethics of conducting coaching online, study some ethical dilemmas regarding the possible pitfalls of social and professional networking, and finish by looking at further uses of technology in coaching – telephone and video – before seeing how all these methods can blend together within a case vignette.

Five Lessons

  • An Introduction to Coaching Online: Considerations and Definitions
  • Conducting and Enhancing your Online Coaching Client Relationship
  • The Ethical Side of Online Coaching
  • Maintaining a Responsible Online Presence
  • Telephone, VoIP and Coaching via Videoconference

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to define the differences between coaching and other mental health services
  • Participants will learn how to conduct and/or enhance their coaching relationship using technologies such as text, audio and video
  • Participants will be able to consider the ethics of practicing online
  • Participants will be able to manage their online presence responsibly

Required Text: Coaching Online: A Practical Guide by Kate Anthony & DeeAnna Merz Nagel, BCC

To complete the course you will need to have access to a computer/tablet and should be comfortable using the Internet as you will be working on an e-learning platform. You will be required to answer experiential questions and will receive individualized feedback from your Learning Coach throughout the course. Students will have one year to complete the requirements for this course.

Note: Please be sure to download the Welcome Letter when you register as it contains the link for your class, so you can begin as soon as you are ready.

Course Prerequisites

  • No other courses required

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Last year I completed the online coaching course. The course was professional and informative. i found the information to be extremely accurate. I just finished my dissertation on technology in counseling and the information on the history of technology in the helping profession was the same. That was great news to me. I felt reassured my literature review was on track. I found the class reaffirming.

- Lynne O., PhD, LPC, DCC, NCC, GCDF-I

The information provided was outstanding and helpful!

- P.H.

The depth of information on online platforms . . . and technology enhanced coaching was outstanding. I also enjoyed the readings and the reflection questions that caused me to really incorporate my learnings with the new information. I also benefited from the audio interview/presentation.

- A.H., M.Ed., BCC